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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Gardnerville, Happy Anniversary Bryan and Cheryl, kitchen, Washoe Lake State Park..

Sunday, March 3rd..We ran into Gardnerville to pick up pills and see about getting a pallet of wood from the garden center where we usually buy it.  We called, no one answered but that happened the other day too.  Online said they were open 1000-1600.  Nope they weren't.  So what to do?  Carson Valley Inn for a late linner and then back home to finish the day.  

Sharkey's Casino in Gardnerville. 

Some of our drive..

A popular beer and pizza place..we've never been..

A very cloudy drive..

Monday, March 4th...Happy 20th Anniversary to our oldest son, Bryan and his wife Cheryl! Hard to believe it's been that long since that cute little wedding at the courthouse where Bryan worked at the time. 

I spent that day clearing everything visible on countertops and walls to get ready for paint.  Everything I took down had to washed and put in boxes in one of our spare bedrooms.  You sure don't realize how MUCH stuff there is until you''ve spent all day in dishwater! haha.  A couple of times, found myself saying "Do I really want to do this?!" The answer was always "yes"..haha. 
When day in law Cheryl saw this fan a week after we moved
in she said "That's the first thing I'd get rid of" I agreed,
but six years later it's still here..It will be gone in this
updating..I'll have to find an electrician as Ken won't be
able to lift his arm for months.  He tried to see if he could
the other day but no way :( 

The kitchen empty...

Here's some fo the stuff from walls and on top of
cabinet..I'll go through it to see if I want to get rid of anything
but knowing me..probably not

Ken spent the day readying the trailer for our little trip on Tuesday.  

Mid afternoon i was done with an aching back from being bent over the sink so decided to find a new position.  Took the laundered sheets out to the Jayco and climbed all over the bed to get it made.  One thing i wished I would have thought about was a walk around bed, instead of it being tucked into a corner.  Oh well.  Ken came in and we talked about how to sleep since it's very difficult for him and his shoulder to get in and out.  So we decided to sleep sideways.  The bed is shorter that way which is no problem for me, but we'll figure it out.  We've already had to switch sides at home as it's just too hard for him getting in and out. Sure will be glad on the 25th because then the healing will start. 

We had a nice happy hour and dinner, a little tv and called it a night.

Got ourselves up and going (well, coffee and visiting with bloggers) and then onto showers etc.  After breakfast I got refrigerator stuff out to the trailer and we pulled out nearing 0800.  It's about an hour and a half drive to Washoe Lake State Park.  

A nice drive and we pulled right into spot #1.  Only about 3 other campers here in the park.  The least we've ever seen, but again it's cold, and a  little rainy . It's ok, we're nice and cozy in here.  
Our view from site #1..

More mountain views..

Washoe Lake...

After Ken getting everything set up we headed into Carson City.  We were headed to Marshall's where I found what I was looking for.  Then to Walmart, our quickest trip ever as Wednesday I'll be visitng and dropping a large deposit at Winco in Reno.  At 1300 we stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant  and had a great lunch along with their wonderful hot and sour soup! YUM.  Next stop JoAnn's fabrics so I could get some new material to make kitchen curtains. Done. Back to camp. 

Cold and rainy, so we watched some tv while we had the generator running. I talked to my sis in law Diane for over an hour for some catch up. Happy hour inside looking out and then some leftovers for a light dinner. 

Wednesday morning...We set the alarm for 0500 and got ourselves going when the coffee was finished.  The new sleeping arrangement (sideways) worked fine.  I was at an angle and so that gave Ken room for some angle sleeping too. Didn't hurt his shoulder at all getting in and out.  

This morning we're headed to Reno for his ophthalmologist appointment at 0930.  We'll see if the eye drops are working for his glaucoma, since the surgery didn't. Winco and Total Wine after. 

Have a great day! 


  1. You have so much energy. You make me tired just reading your posts some days. I'm sure you like the remodel but like I said, I like your kitchen as is, very homey.
    Hope all goes well with Ken's appointment.
    Such scenic drives you have when you go places. Cold looking but very pretty. Safe journey!

    1. Oh I never feel like I have lots of energy..now you and your hikes different story!! Thanks for liking the kitchen I'm hoping that if it turns like I vision it in my mind you will like it too! I'm hoping I will haha. Yes it is cold, but pretty.

  2. Your kitchen remodel I am sure will look wonderful once you get it al done. Enjoy your camping trip there and sure will be nice when Ken gets fixed up again.

    1. I'm hoping George..I am stuck with countertop for now..but the rest is pretty cosmetic. We are enjoying just really cold. Wish we had your temps!

  3. I agree about that light - it would be a good time to purge other things too but with a house, you don't have the same reason to. :)
    I'm sure you're looking forward to the 25th where Ken can move forward.

    1. Yes it's horrible! haha. I got through regularly through other things but I like so much of the kitchen stuff..we'll see when it's time to put it back..Yes the 25th can't come soon enough!!

  4. Even with restrictions you are both keeping quite busy.
    Hoping Ken's surgery will easy all his shoulder pains.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warming Temperatures.

    It's about time.

  5. We're hoping so too that the surgery will make the difference! 6 month recovery so the challenge will be keeping him down!

  6. Seriously you two have been busy. Hope Ken had good news at the ophthalmologist.
    I am tired just reading and looking at the pictures of the start of your kitchen project. Looking forward to your pictures of the progress. Is that an old trestle sewing machine under what looks like Pioneer Woman Bowls?
    Your pictures of the mountains and the lake at the park are beautiful. Though it does look cold. Take care.

  7. Yes he did! The drops are working so he continues on and goes back in about 4 months! Yes that is an old machine we bought many years ago. Good eye! It is cold but today is a nice clear morning!