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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Curtains finished! Dinner at Karen's and Thanks for the good wishes!

Yesterday morning we left the motel around 1000.  Ken wanted to find the surgery center while we were in the area and we needed to kill some time too. We put the address into the phone and GIP (girl in the phone) got us there no problem.  We also made a quick drive by of the motel i'll be staying at in Carson City. I was going to stay with him, but he wants me to get a good night's sleep and knows I won't being at the hospital. The Hardman Inn is nice and not too expensive. Our neighbor Joe has stayed there several times.  Stopped at the bank for a little $$. Ken mentioned he'd like to get a pair of shoes that would be easy to pull on with just one arm so we made a quick stop at Target.  Adam called so I  called  him back from outside and by the time I was off the phone, Ken was on his way out.  haha..no shoes there. 

We drove to Minden and I suggested Big 5.  Seems they always have something on sale. Sure enough he found a pair of slip ons. Not really his style, but they'll work. A quick stop for fuel, and Raley's for prescriptions and we were looking at 12 something.  Ok, CVI for Ken's last time there for a bit.  Great food as always! 

Then it was time to head home. An easy afternoon, no dinner needed. 

We made a nice big circle, this was on the way home..

 Sunday morning I was awake about 0500 and got Ken up at 0600. Visited with our friends online and responded to comments on the blog.  It was a cold morning when I looked out the window, frost everywhere. We got up and got going eventually.  Ken ran next door to let Mugsy out as Karen was in Reno helping a friend move.  Checked on Jack and the chickens too.  He had a nice conversation with his brother, Don while doing those chores.  After he got back I fixed our breakfasts and then cleaned up.  My goal was to get as much of the kitchen curtains done as I could today.  Ken was outside most of the day as it was lovely! Warmed up nicely and some great sunshine. 

I think if you asked my sisters or a couple of my daughter in laws what I would have chosen for curtains they would have got it right.  I love red and white checks!  Every house we've owned since the first we bought when I was 17 has had red and white checked curtains in the kitchen.  

My mom told me the story of when she came over from Austria in 1949 (almost a year after they married) Daddy bought her a sewing machine and the first thing she did was make red and white checked curtains for the little 19 foot trailer they were living in at Mather Air Force Base. She said that one of her most happiest times :) I think it was ingrained me and I know they just make me smile.  I change them out sometimes, but always come back to red and white checks. So there you have it! 

My curtains over the sink..

Over the air conditioner..

These are double sided. During the summer the sun is so strong in the monrings
that it's blinding when we're trying to get coffee..so this helps..

I went with a little bigger check and love it!

I was so happy to get them finished today!  Now the floor, even though I will wait a bit until we can get workers in without disturbing Ken too much.  I will have to get frig, table and the other table out so it'll be a bit.  

Karen invited us over for dinner so we're heading over there in a few minutes. Thought I'd see if I could get this posted.  

Have a great evening and thank you for all the wishes for Ken's successful surgery! I'll keep you posted! :) 


  1. Nice curtains and they certainly fit into the retro theme and if they make you smile when you look at them...then they are perfect.
    Prayers and (((Hugs)))

    1. Thanks Deb! Certainly appreciate the prayers and hugs! :)

  2. Nice to get things al in order and ready for Ken the get things taken care of . Love your curtains.

  3. He does a lot around here for sure, guess i'll find out in the next few months how much ..lol..I know him, he'll still try left handed! Glad you like the curtains George!

  4. Ah, there they are! I was searching to see your curtains and they are beautiful. Plain, simple but perfect for your lovely 'new' kitchen makeover. Nice job, Shirley!

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