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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Getting things put back together, Reno trip

Monday morning we got our day going at about 0630.  We knew we were staying home so no hurry to get going.  We visited with our online friends to see where everybody was as most of our Canadian friends are on their way home. After breakfast we got our day going! 

I forgot to mention when Eric was here I made corned beef and cabbage for the first time ever!  The closest I ever got was opening a can of corned beef hash in our over 46 years together.  I threw one in the slow cooker with potatoes, onions and cabbage for Eric to take home on Sunday.  They had it for dinner yesterday and Eric texted that it was good! Even Mason (the picky eater) liked it! Good to know as I threw a 2nd one in on Sunday for Ken.  He hasn't had it yet, but we'll see.  

Yesterday was spent getting the kitchen back together and getting things hung back on the walls.  Done!  I painted a little shelf/table to match the red/white scheme.  I'm liking the way it looks.  
Got my collectible collection back up! 

Love that I can put stuff on top of the cabinets..

Glass collectibles in the window..

My shelf/ table with my Pioneer Woman bowls (thanks Eric and Christina)
Other bowls and things.  
Daughter in law, Cheryl gave me the top pic and Ken's mom
gave me the chicken pic several years ago :) 

Ken spent time outside (it was a lovely day).  He worked on unloading the last load of wood we got in the trailer so we could go get another.  Slower doing it one handed, I offered to help but he did it himself.  We had a salad lunch and then I went back to my thing and he did his..before we knew it 1600!  WOW how that day flew.  

We enjoyed Happy Hour next door with Jack (the Great Pyrnees) as Karen had decided to stay in Dixon, CA after their early start.   After that we came home and soon after Jack followed. haha.  He enjoyed Happy Hour he decided to find a way out and join us. (Bad Boy)...Ken bar b qued a couple of turkey burgers and a few hot links.  Delicious dinner. 
A beautiful sunset

I know Bill (on our way) won't be crazy about this, but good!
Hot link with a cabbage bun..sauerkraut, onions..yum 

And to accompany radish steak fries..

Tuesday March 19th....We decided last night that we were heading to Reno this morning. I had a coupon at Total Wine for 20 percent off, so i did my ordering from home and it was ready to pick up when we got there.  Then to Gardnerville and Walmart for some grocery shopping.  Across the street to the nursery for the wood.  Nearing 1300 so a visit to Carson Valley Inn (CVI) for linner.  
Good morning from Yerington, NV

Karen was home, so we stopped to drop off the fries and bread for Jack as a treat she gives him.  We had a nice short visit catching up and now we're home.  Weather is changing, darn!  It's been so nice the last few days but it's looking like some rain tomorrow.  Hoping to get started on my kitchen curtains tomorrow.  
Our Happy Hour friend, Jack! 

We did hear from Dr. Cummings office today. Ken has to be at the surgery center at 1330 with surgery scheduled for 1415 on Monday.  Poor guy, no food or drink after midnight!  We were hoping for an early schedule. :(  

Ken's brother Don and his wife Dana became grandparents one more time today! Our niece, Tara gave birth to a healthy little boy named Jason this morning.  He was early, but weighed a nice 5.1 lbs.  Both mom and baby are doing well we heard this afternoon.  Congratulations to all!

Grandson, Adam sent a few pictures on Sunday.  He was climbing at the quarry near Auburn, CA.  I think he sends these just to make my heart stop haha.  At least he had ropes and harness  this time! 

Have a great evening everyone! 


  1. Is that boy in his bare feet climbing?
    Love the collectibles. Jack is a sweet gentleman for sure. He was lonely, you can't blame him for liking your company.
    Congrats to the again Grandparents and all involved.
    Good luck Ken!

    1. Yes Adam was shoeless..guess that's part of the climb ..uhh..I love the traveler part of him but not so much the adventurer..and yes we all agree Jack was lonely:( he is so sweet

  2. Maybe if you get to the Surgery Center early they might even take Ken Earlier. Wishing him the best along with a Speedy Recovery.
    Poor Jack was probably lonely and just wanted company.
    The Upper Part of the Kitchen really looks finished now.
    Congratulations on the arrival of a Grand Nephew.
    I see that Adam forgot his shoes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Glad baby Jason was delivered safely for sure! We are always early so we will see on Monday..he has stopped all meds now do pain is worse..feel bad for him for sure:( I think shoeless is the way it's done for certain climbs..that kid!!

  4. Nice that you have enjoyed that food, love corned beef and cabbage, the turkey burgers and and the hot link in cabbage all sounds wonderful.

    1. Thanks George, we'll see how Ken likes it tonight. The cabbage wrap was really good, but like Patsy I'm thinking the lettuce wrap would taste better, but decidedly messier..lol..

  5. You are right about the hot link and cabbage bun, Shirley. The bare foot climb is interesting. Congrats on the new baby, always a joy. Your kitchen is coming along nicely, anxious to see the finished product with the curtains. All the best to Ken on Monday, will be thinking of him.

    1. When I put it together i had to take a pic and was thinking of you...lol..Yes Adam and his adventures! Always glad to welcome a new little one for sure! I wish surgery was earlier in the day, but they only do them on Monday's so not sure how many before him. Will keep you posted.

  6. Your kitchen is looking fantastic! Anxious to see your choice for curtains. Love the bottles and bowls. :)
    Congrats on Jason's arrival, that is one teeny baby, glad to hear he is doing good.
    Wow, the climb is done barefoot! The cabbage leaves would certainly hold better than the lettuce but I'm not sure if I would like the taste as much. I'll have to try it! (for me, of course) haha

    1. Thank you Patsy. I wish I had more shelving to really display the bowls but the kitchen is tiny. For being 34 weeks everyone was glad he was that size. I'm thinking I agree with you on the lettuce leaves vs cabbage. Other than the cabbage held together better. I knew it wouldn't be something Bill would enjoy haha..

  7. Glad to read you have another little family member and though early and tiny he is healthy.
    Always fun to get things back in place and looking so nice. Like your bowl collection.
    I like cabbage taking the place of taco shells not sure about as a bun but something to try.
    Climbing barefoot...he is trying to make your heart stop...lol
    Sounds like the next few days are going to be very long for Ken...:(
    Take care.

    1. Thanks Deb glad you like the bowls, gotta admit they make me smile :) Hmm..never tried as a taco shell, but I will be doing that :) Adam is a daredevil for sure! We will be glad when Monday afternoon gets here!!

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