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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

We're home! Cooking day while Ken recoups.

Yesterday morning I heard from Ken about 0800 as I was coming back from breakfast in the lobby.  The motel had a nice "continental" breakfast that included hard boiled eggs, all kinds of toast, oatmeal, pastries and fruits. Plenty to choose from for sure.  Normally I would take it back to my room, but I sat in the lobby people watching out in the street :) 

Ken said the physical therapist was coming so I figured I'd give him time and then loaded the car and headed out. Just as I was starting the car he called and said to come on over, they were getting closer to check out time. 

We waited quite awhile and at 1220 we were on our way.  I stopped in Yerington and dropped his prescription off at Raley's (we normally do Gardnerville, but that was just too far out of the way).  We came home and I made a couple of salads for lunch and then he went to lay down, and I got the meds.  

The evening was spent in our room as he was in no shape to be sitting in the living room. He did get up to have dinner and then back to bed.  
The apricot tree we planted last year..breaking out in bloom!
Still a little twig but it is growing 

Our neighbor's flag doesn't know which way to blow!

I stayed up awhile and then spent the night with tossing and turning and weird dreams. Hate it when that happens.  

I got up a little before 0600 this am and Ken came out about an hour later.  His stomach was nauseous so after coffee he went back to bed.  He had some meds about 1100 and some lunch at 1300.  I made him a chicken veggie soup that he liked.  He took a little walk out to one of our outbuildings, did his exercises the physical therapist gave him and then he was nauseous again, so back to bed.  He's doing ok, for 48 hours after surgery.  
Caught this pic of him walking out to the outbuilding with
his sling for the next 6 weeks

I spent the time today making lunch, banana bread and some new low carb muffins I haven't tried before. Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner and some mashed potatoes for him. The weather is not cooperating with being outside, cold and the winds are howling. 
Almond flour muffins along with banana bread
Looking forward to my coffee tomorrow!

Chicken veggie soup/stew 

Well, he just got up in time for Happy Hour (more mine than his I'm thinking)! Again, thanks for the thoughts and prayers they are much appreciated! :) Enjoy your evening! 


  1. Sounds like Ken is doing pretty good so soon after his surgery, should be good as long as he does not overdo it.

    1. Yes he is doing well. He really is a good patient and knows what happens if he overdoes. It's so not like him to be doing nothing, but he'll do what it takes. :)

  2. Sounds like a good start to recouping. I'm sure before you realize it the time will have flown by and Ken will be as good as new. He's fortunate to have such a wonderful nurse.

    1. This morning he says he's feeling better, no nausea so that's good! He went about 12 hours with no pain meds overnight. Thank you Deb, gotta say it's my pleasure to take care of this man! :)

  3. Glad to read that Ken is recovering and if he listens to the doctors will make a full recovery. (No Heavy Lifting at this time)
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes he will and even if he wanted too, which he doesn't would be impossible with one arm hahaha..Thanks Rick!

  4. Great to hear Ken is up and moving around. I'm sure those meds must be hard on the stomach.....but you're great home cooking will help with that I'm sure!
    Hope things progress as planned. Take care!

    1. Thanks Dave! He is doing well and better every day!!

  5. Good to hear Ken is doing so well already. Something tells me it is going to be a long six weeks for him to be in that sling. I know how hard it is not to be able to do everything like you are used to doing but in the end to be able to do everything again with no pain...totally worth it. Love your little apricot tree it may be a small twig, yet, but it is blooming. Take care...(((hugs)))

  6. Thanks Deb, he is doing well. He is doing more and more these last couple of days, but not with that arm..he is good! I know, I love the apricot tree and that it IS blooming. Slow growing around here for sure.

  7. I'm so glad Ken is getting around. You and I have said this before about our men. It is so hard to keep them down. Give him a hug for me.......on his good side. :)