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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Smoke! Boomtown NV

About 0800 this am going to Reno..before we got to Yerington..

Reno, NV

Out our room in  Boomtown NV

Ken in our $20.00 room at Boomtown...

Smoke sucks!

We left Yerington,started at the DMV and got our licenses changed to Yerington as they had been Winnemucca.. NV this am headed for Reno so we  could do some running around and get some things done...We had an email from Boomtown for $19.99 during the week so decided to take them up on that for the night...(28.59)..was the grand total..with fees etc....seems everytime we head for Reno to get things done we are rushed so decided to splurge and just enjoy what we needed to do...tomorrow we are going to look at Sierra RV as they have some Jayco models for trailers...so we'll see...cheaper to stay than drive home and come back...and we are retired..so why not???

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