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Sunday, September 28, 2014

We're spending more of the kids inheritance! New trailer!

Well today we did it!  We always said there was one more RV in our future...Ken wanted a travel trailer and we both wanted something small enough to get into the state and NFS campgrounds as that is what we prefer...so today we decided on a Jayco 19RD...we saw it last week and then we thought on it for almost a week...decided if we could get the sale price we would do it!  So WE DID!...It was a really easy sale with Sierra RV...a few surprises (795) for a walk through, batteries etc...we about had a heart attack in front of him so negotiated down to 300...(because we would have walked away and he knew it)...so all in all we are ECSTATIC!   Oh did I say we are really HAPPY!!!!
We pick it up on Friday, can't wait!   


Went back and forth between aluminum and fiberglass
after much research...this is it!

Love the rear dining area and fold down couch!
The windows were also a seller!

We knew it had to have a stationary bed...and more windows!

Stove top and oven...wish it had more counter space..but we have a

Huge frig!

We left Yuba City this am and took highway 20 to 80...There was a nice rain going
on...then some fog...CA does suck as far as taxes, politics and many other things..
but no one can deny it is beautiful on off the highway places...beautiful drive!

Tonight we are back at Boomtown...again $19.99 room...then tomorrow we'll stop at Toyota in Carson City to see if we might spend more of the kids $$$$....

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  1. Congratulations. The trailer looks very nice. Many comfortable days and nights are in your future.