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Monday, December 21, 2015

Headed to Winnemucca this am!

Saturday am we woke up in Auburn, CA.  Decided to go to our favorite restaurant in Auburn for breakfast. Edelweiss is a small restaurant and it was packed!  Good for them, bad for us..we left and decided to try Mel's Diner..it's a chain, but we hadn't been before.  Food was really good, on the expensive side..(they have specials, but only Monday through Friday)..anyway, decided to splurge and order the biscuits and gravy...YUKKKK...looked delicious, nice chunks of sausage and good color to the gravy, was so enjoying looking at that first bite and what do I smell?  Liquid smoke!!  Really??!!...what's wrong with just plain ol' sausage grease, flour and milk?!  If you're gonna offer biscuits and gravy, keep it real!! uhhhh...so sent it back and she brought a biscuit, which was delicious.  So that's Cracker Barrel (which is really wrong, as they are based in the south..) and Mel's for sure that ruined biscuits and gravy with smoke! OK, my rant for the day! 

After breakfast we ran by Bryan's place and dropped off the gifts for Mandie's kids except Mia..as she'll be at Bryan's house on Christmas Eve.  Quick visit and we headed to Gardnerville so I could do some grocery shopping at Walmart.  Then home and the day was done! 

Sunday, spent the day baking as we decided that Monday morning we'll head for  Winnemucca to drop off some baking and presents for the waitress, Jasmine 4 little boys.  She's got a 9, 8, 2 and 1 year old.  

So we're up and outta here about 0800.  Called our friend, Deanna and she's going to meet us at the restaurant for lunch. Her hubby, Ron is recovering from surgery so he won't be joining us.  

Well, hard to believe this is Christmas week!  Thursday, we plan on heading over the hill again, and seeing Eric's family and spending the night at Bryan's.  

Linda, posted this pic on Facebook, so I stole it! 

Not sure of the year, but Stanley Ave house...
Love this!

Wendy and me in Germany..notice how dark it is outside..
Guess we couldn't wait till morning!  hahaha

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