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Monday, December 14, 2015

Wreaths Across America..Lunch..and a great Birthday

We got to the cemetery about 0800. Saw Christine and Ryan for a minute and then later they joined us at the ceremony.  Bobby, Linda, Wendy, Tasha and Diane were there along with Eric and Seth.  Visited with mom and daddy and then saw Michael for a bit on the way out.  It is amazing how fast the gravesite have grown!  When we placed mom and daddy there we were looking at a little over 6,000 now they were saying as of last Friday there were 28, 479 and growing daily.  Sac Valley is the 13th busiest cemetery in the nation!  

Brother in Law Bobby..

Everyone around Ma and Popo

We left there about 1100 or so and headed for Garcia's in Carmichael for my Birthday lunch.  We invited Ryan and Christine to join us but the timing didn't end of working as she went to visit her dad and ran into an accident on I80..shocking.  

We had the same waiter we had a year ago, and he remember what I drank and Ken too..amazing kid!  Christina and Mason met us there and then Russell and family showed up a little later as Aaron was playing basketball.  So in the end most of the family was there except Bryan, Cheryl and Adam..Bryan was working, Cheryl and Adam were in Live Oak for a basketball game.  


Christine at her brother's resting place..

After a long and leisurely lunch we headed up the hill, stopped at Eric's to his new AR15 that Christina bought him for Christmas (of course she couldn't wait till then to give it to him..hhahaha).  Saw their Charlie Brown Christmas tree and then headed to Bryan's for the night. 

Another view at Garcias

Had a great time there, Cheryl's sister Kim surprised us and came and spent the night..so you know that means too much wine..but a really good time. 
Eric's Charlie Brown Tree...

Seth and Christina

Christina with Mason behind her

Yesterday morning, (Sunday) because they were expecting a storm we left Bryan's at 0700 to head over Highway 50.  It was a beautiful drive! Snow over the pass but not snowing.  Got to Minden and Ken took me to breakfast at Carson Valley Inn..I was a really bad girl and had chicken fried steak..ohhh yummy!  Don't think I've had that for about 4 years at least (last time was in Winnemucca)..
Ken and Eric's new AR15..

Cheryl's sister ..Kim and betty

A nice ride the rest of the way home.  Ken started a fire and I snuggled in a blanket and either read or watched the Raiders actually win.  Ken was going to bar b q a couple of hamburgers for dinner (I figured started out bad, might as well end that way too..)..but as he went out to get the bar b q started...SNOW! Yay!!  So that took care of the bar b q as the wind and cold that went with it was just a bit too much.  
Highway 50

Ken throwing a snowball at the car

We have a Round Table in town that we've only been too once and weren't too impressed with the pizza, but thought oh let's give it a try..had it delivered and yes it was yummy!!  So that was the end to a very nice weekend.  
Our house Monday am...

Tomorrow we will head for Boomtown and spend the night as Ken has his yearly eye appointment on Wednesday at 0900..saves us getting up way too early. Taking the Tundra in for its' servicing. So we'll get some business done too while we're there.  Maybe some last minute Christmas shopping..

I've got some pictures to load so come back in a bit!

Bryan and me....
Lori posted these tonight..Jacob in the white
Jacob in the middle!

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