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Thursday, May 25, 2017

A little cleaning and cooking..

 May 24th- was spent at home except for a quick trip to Scolari's grocery in town.  Took a quick drive by the East Carson River just to see how close to flooding it is.  Doesn't look too bad yet, but they're expecting it to crest Friday morning and we'll be headed out.  Hoping it's not too bad.  Noticed even Scolari's had sand bags set up right by their door so only one way to get in with a cart.  

Did some cleaning at home, with it being so dry and windy house gets dusty really quickly.  

We've spent the last two nights in the spare room with the air conditioner running.  Our bedroom doesn't have one.  Don't know why when the previous owners had this addition built they didn't put an a/c unit in this bedroom. Can't believe how warm it's been, but this morning is definitely cooler. 55 degrees right now with a high of 74 expected.  

Ken took the railing off the bunkhouse yesterday afternoon.  Looks a little bare, but you already feel like there's more room for the rocker.  
Bunkhouse with he front railing removed

Ken bar b qued some awesome chicken for dinner last night and I made potato salad to go with it and some corn on the cob...yumm!  

Ken's custom made wind block...haha..but it works!
My cosmos and marigolds are looking happy..

Not much going on today, except getting ready to go to Tonopah tomorrow.  We have a motel room so really not much getting ready..

Have a great day! 

Russell posted these on FB so I stole them! 
Russell, his best man George..Our son Eric and son Bryan
From the left...Lori's dad Bobby, mom Linda, Lori, Russell
me and Ken
Lori created this collage on FB...
Their oldest son, Jacob...15
Youngest son, Aaron 12
How quickly time passes...


  1. I see a deck being built connecting to the existing porch of your bunk house. That would give you a great space to grill or sit in a larger group with a few chairs.

  2. That's the plan Don..we plan on half a deck on the left side basically the same length of the railing we took off, that way we can use the railing on the side of the new deck.