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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Home in Yerington!

Good Morning!  Hard to believe it's June 6th already!  Yesterday we stayed home and just got caught up on things around the house.  It was a warm day, upper 80's today is supposed to be 93..guess we'll have the air conditioner going this afternoon.  

Ken worked on getting the trailer dumped and ready for the next adventure which I'm thinking will be pretty soon since the grandkids are out of school.  Eric and family will be camping at Collins Lake in CA this weekend.  Russell and family the next weekend I think are going to Rollins Lake. So I may run over next week and grab whoever is available.  It's nice if they're available at the same time, so it's not so many trips but that's the way it is.  

Allergies are killing me.  Who would think in the desert that would happen, but it sure does..eyes are itching like crazy. Thinking i'll run to Scolari's and see what I can find to help with this, as sleeping isn't exactly easy.  

Last night we watched as the Nashville Predators beat the pants off Pittsburgh in Nashville!  Fast paced and we saw 4 fish thrown on the ice! So funny! But apparently a good luck charm!  Dierks Bentley did the National Anthem and it was awesome!  We are very picky about the way that song is sung and he nailed it!  Simple and feeling!  

Today we'll be home and trying to find projects to keep me occupied.  Ken, no problem, I have plenty of projects to keep him occupied.  Just gotta get him going! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Just a mish mash of pics..
One of the catfish, not from last night but the game before...

Thought this was funny!!

Bryan's outhouse in Georgetown..actually a tool shed.
His father in law built most of it and Bryan helped finish
it..The hoe leaning against it was my Daddy's :)

Adam and his best pal Owen..

My sister in law Dana's garden in Tennessee...yep we're ready to

Isn't it beautiful!!
Some oldies but goodies..popped up on Facebook this am!
Mason and Seth..Mason's kindergarten graduation..Now he's going
into 7th grade!

Adam's 8th grade graduation

Adam with his cake

Cheryl, Adam and Bryan 4 years ago!

3rd from the left Jacob, short and full of hair! This was 5 years
ago..now he'll be a junior in high school


  1. Yep the Preds game was fun to watch. Nashville is going crazy for the Stanley Cup, and it's also CMA Fest week.

    The CMT awards show has always been held at Bridgestone Arena, where the Preds play, but this year they had to move the awards across the street to Music City Center due to scheduling conflicts with the Stanley Cup. Hopefully they'll have to move the awards next year also.

    Go Preds!



  2. Dana's garden is wonderful! Visit often to help her eat the fruits of her labour! :) I love the outhouse shed. I've seen so many things that remind me of Daddy in our friends' A. Mary's house. Love the memories that arise.