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Friday, June 30, 2017

Reno trip and getting ready...

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we set the alarm for 0500 and got ready to head for Reno for a few hours of shopping.  We got going and went by Smith's in Carson City.  They had the sodas on sale again for 4 twelve packs for $10.00.  We don't drink it but the kids do and that's a great price.  Then Ken dropped me off at Winco and he ran to Sam's Club to pick up frozen hamburgers for the trip.  He usually makes them but again, with 5 boys frozen is the way to go!  He found some regular 1/3 lb ones and then he found bacon cheddar burgers, the boys will love! He also found a new ice chest that he just couldn't do without! 

I spent a ton of money at Winco but definitely much cheaper than eating out with 5 boys!  

Quick stop by Walmart in Gardnerville for a griddle I ordered and some bandaids.  By then after a quick stop at the banks for Ken we headed for Carson Valley Inn and a wonderful lunch.  Then headed towards home. 

Unloaded the car into the trailer with the non perishables and the rest into the house.  A few glasses of wine, dinner and bedtime! 

Today was in the kitchen this morning making some chicken enchiladas for Ken and veggie ones for me.  Coleslaw to go along with it.  Salad lunch and then I was looking up some flights and rooms for my Sister in law, Diane and our nephew Jesse who are heading for Nashville and the Raiders Titans game in September.  
Ken worked outside on the irrigation system for the garden.  So hot I don't know how he does it! 

Tomorrow we'll finish getting the trailer loaded (Ken started the frig today). I'll make some potato salad to go on the trip tomorrow.  

Sunday am I plan on leaving about 0600 and heading for Antelope, CA to pick up two of my favorite grandsons.  Then we'll head up the hill to Cool, CA and pick up my other two favorite grandsons and head back to Yerington.  The other favorite grandson will drive himself over sometime that day.  Monday morning we'll head out! Love vacation!

Well, he's got an ice cold Corona Light waiting for me...so guess I'll brave the heat for a bit!  


  1. It is exciting getting ready to go camping. I value those days so much now we do it full time! :) You are very 'brave' (not quite the word) taking 5 growing boys camping! That is impressive. I, on the other hand, don't see our grandsons and granddaughters enough but everyone is busy busy busy. I'm glad you braved the heat for a bit, we don't turn our a/c on inside the Suite too often. We either keep things closed up so it remains cooler or use fans. I don't find the humidity bothers me too much, I guess. Have a fun trip!

  2. I'm so excited for this next week because their schedules are so busy we hardly ever get all 5 at the same time. Almost didn't happen this time, but son and dau in law had to sell some tickets they already had bought (thankful they did this)..so we'll see how I feel in the middle of the trip hahaha..Thanks for your comments!