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Thursday, June 22, 2017

All the boys are gone :( but they'll be back :)

We wanted to get an early start on Wednesday since I was taking the boys home to Cool, CA and Ken was going to Carson City.  We enjoyed another wonderful breakfast at Dini's before leaving.  Because it was a weekday the #1 Breakfast (2eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes and toast) was $2.99.  3 of us had that and Seth had French Toast..out the door under $15.00.  Can't beat that!  

We left with Seth driving.  By the time we reached his house he had driven 112 miles.  I still didn't have him drive Highway 50 but all the rest he did awesome.  Hopefully his dad or mom will get him out on the freeway and stop signs.  Living in the country you don't deal with a lot of people at stop signs and Cool only has 1 set of them. 

I dropped them off around 1230 or so and then ran up to Georgetown to visit with Cheryl, Mia and Adam a bit.  Figured i was so close and the day would be done when I got home so why not?  We ended up going to Terry's pizza and sandwich place for lunch which was really good.  After that I dropped them off and headed out.  I thought for a change of pace I'd go by Jenkinson Lake, (Sly Park area) and head out on Mormon Immigrant Trail to highway 88 and down by Silver and Caples Lake.  So got off on the Sly Park exit, then by the lake and then a big sign that says "Road Closed 23 miles ahead" another one "Chain across road 23 miles ahead"...bummer, figured it'd be open by now.  So U turn and back to highway 50.  Hit a little roadwork on 50 which we hit going the other way too.  
Jenkinson Lake at Sly Park..used to do a lot of camping
there many years ago..

It's only about 4 feet below the road..beautiful!

Right outside Gardnerville the skies darkened and the temp dropped from 95 in Gardnerville to 56 degrees.  Winds picked up and rain, hail and wind.  It was awesome! Just hoping the hail didn't bust my new windshield.  It didn't, but it sure was loud!  
The rest area at Wilson Canyon..river overflowing into picnic area

more of the overflow..

Got home and it was hot!  Thunder clouds gathered and we got a nice shot of rain and wind!  Went on a lot longer than what we thought it would.  Nice having the porches to sit out and enjoy the storm.  
Wind at our house..

We had beautiful rainbows last night 

Love the skies here..

Watching the skies..

After the storm at sunset..

Hopefully this plays a few seconds of rain on the roof! 

Today was a stay at home and get caught up day!  Got the sheets washed and changed on all the beds.  Rooms cleaned etc.  I was going to clean the trailer but too hot! Tomorrow's another day!  Ken got the trailer dumped and then he headed for dump with the garbage trailer.  Finally about 1540 or so he came inside.  Hot out there!
Adam and his sunset picture last week..
Like father, Like son..Dusty and Owen..

Looks like we'll get a trip to Great Basin National Park and Cave Lake State Park with all the grandsons!  We're happy about that..first week of July..:) 

Eric and Christina gave us some new camping chairs from Cabela's..love them..and i'll have a picture tomorrow they're in the tuff shed right now and I didn't take a picture. That was sweet!  


  1. Beautiful sky pictures! Looks like we aren't the only ones getting strong winds. That boy is sure tattooed! Wow, I couldn't endure the pain. :O Mine is teeny.

  2. Yes Dusty is covered in tattoos..and he seems to find space to fit more..I have one and it's small too..enough for me!