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Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting ready to go to Tennessee!!

August 3rd..Winnemucca...Today I ran to town to pick up a few groceries and some meds for while we're gone.  Ken changed oil and got trailer hooked up, not sure how we're gonna secure car on the trailer.  We will leave either tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.  Don and Dana leave TN for CA on Monday am.  It's hot here and everywhere I guess.  Not much too exciting just working on getting ready. 

August 2nd...Winnemucca..We were in CA after our Dr appt on the 1st.  Things were good for me, I lost 17 pounds in the last 4 months. Lots of my cholesterol numbers dropped, so Dr Grant was happy about that, but my triglycerides went up!  She wants me to try and go "gluten free" and of course still the no meat low low cholesterol.  I know I drink too much wine, and in researching triglycerides I found that wine increases it...so less (much less) wine.  
While I was there, she called Ken in to talk about his prostrate ultrasound and told him a few things to do to hopefully keep drugs and surgery out of the mix. He is going to be trying some herbs and saw  palmetto to see how that helps. Appts in November when we get back. 

August 1st...Had the dr appt, some veggie chinese and headed for Georgetown.  Bryan had cooked some delicious hamburgers and fries. Yes, I did eat a hamburger, because I had gone 4 months with no meat I decided to treat myself.  Delicious! Now back on the diet~!
After leaving Bryan's house in the am we ran into Chris and the boys on the way to Dr. Seth had a good crash night b4 during bmx and ended up dislocating his shoulder...ouch! 

I am really hoping to be better on this blog as we travel. Looking forward to this trip and hard to believe when we get back it will be November!!

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