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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little catch up...We are back at Don's

August 15th...Crossville TN..We left this morning and headed for Clif's house in Crossville TN.  We had a beautiful ride taking the back roads all the way to Crossville.  Ken started feeling a bit queasy so we stopped at Mickey D's and got him a couople of sausage burritos and a little nap while I drove.  We arrived a Clif's after checking into the KOA cabin we had rented for the night.  We visited for a bit and then he took us sightseeing in his new Dodge truck.  Good thing he was driving, as we'd have been lost!  Saw where he used to live when he lived there in the 70's...also Crossville, was a town that during the   great depression received the benefits of the "New Deal".  252 houses were granted to people who qualified, and they also received between 20 and 40 acres of land to farm.  The houses are just adorable!  They helped build the houses and then moved their families into them.  I believe part of the deal was they had to live in the house for so many  years before they could be sold.  We saw alot of those homes!  Also went through the state park there and many other places in town.  After the drive went back to Clif's for more of a visit and some of his delicious spaghetti.  Made plans to meet the next am for breakfast.

August 16th...had a nice night at the KOA.  Don't think I would stay in a cabin there again, as the one we were in was a long walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night!  Other than that it was a great stay! 

We met Clif at his house and then went to breakfast at Kali's in town.  Good breakfast and such reasonable prices...After that we went to the "Homestead Museum" in town and learned about the cute houses we had seen yesterday. Then went to the top of the museum and looked about.  We left there and went to the "Crabtree House"..so we actually got to go inside one of the houses.  They are so cute, 3 bedroom 1 bath, kitchen, dining and living room...I could live in one now!!  We said goodbye to Clif and then headed for Chatanooga TN.

After checking in at the Holiday travel park, we decided to take a little ride and go to the Chatanooga/Chikamounga Battlefield.  It was about 1630 when we got there so didn't have much chance to look around, but did take the driving tour...nice job they did on America's first Military Park.  

Went back to the cabin, and Ken bar b qued some chicken legs and thighs..yummy for  him.

August 17th...Got up late, and I do mean late...we were down at the bathroom when the cleaning lady came in so around 1000 or so...left camp and headed for Ruby Falls.  I had been there when I was around 7 or so and then in 1985 we took our kids there.  Decided since we were so close we needed to do it again.  Unfortunately things change and we weren't impressed!  The tour probably had about 45 people in it, and then you met up with other tours coming out of the falls area..so commercialized, we both felt like we did when we were at Antelope Canyon last  year.  So that's a done deal forever..I'd hate to see how they handle it when school is out and it's loaded with kids..

I wanted to do zip lining, and next door supposedly had one, but it was more focused on being in the trees and an obstacle course about 45 foot off the ground..nope didn't work for me (even if you're harnessed)..so we took a drive to the top of Lookout MT and then back to camp..can't believe how fast time goes.  Got there late afternoon, so we went to the pool and spent a relaxing rest of the day.  Ken bar b qued some chicken thighs and then time to call it a night. 

August 18th..Set alarm for 0600 and got up at 0700...got out of there and went to Cracker Barrel for a fairly late breakfast.  YUMMY!! Then a nice leisurely drive back to Don's beautiful and here we are for the next little while! Ken's mowing the lawn and well, this is what I am doing! 

Salmon burgers and veggie burgers for dinner!

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