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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stayed home ALL day! Heading for Sikeston tomorrow!

August 28th...Cornersville...Well, today is Linda and Bobby's 30th anniversary! Hard to believe it was that long ago! What a party at my mom and dad's after the beautiful wedding!  Wendy will be coming upon 28 and Ken and me 40 in September.!  WOW how time flies...

Today we got up and had our coffees and then lunch. I spent time on the internet looking for hotels..one for our trip tomorrow to Sikeston, MO to visit Uncle Lewis, Aunt Irene and it appears Teri and Ericka will be there too!  Should be a fun time as we haven't seen them since 1985! We'll spend the night in a motel and then head back on Thursday. Hard to believe this is Labor Day weekend coming up!  

I also made a reservation for Nashville for next week. My cousin Melody is coming back from Hawaii so we're planning on meeting them for brunch. So figured since we'll be in town why not spend the night so I can take Ken to the clubs.  Went a few years ago with Al and Irene and loved it!  If we were gonna spend more than 1 night I would have tried to get them up here!  Hopefully our plans for the end of Sept work out for the Blues Festival!

Ken's working outside getting the weedeating done..very hot and humid!!

Just a few pictures from our summer!

Love this picture of Mason!

Seth and his first kill!

Ruby, Adam and Mason in Winnemucca

Russell and his boys in tonopah nv

Me at Ruby Falls

Ken overlooking river at Ruby Falls

Our camper at Don's house, Cornersville, TN

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