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Saturday, August 11, 2012

We're here in Cornersville!!

August 11th...Cornersville TN!  We made it here about 1900 hours.  We got up this morning about 0430 and had our coffee and meandered to the showers in Eureka Springs AR KOA.  Left about 0630 and had breakfast at the Forest Cafe. yummy!!  I had the veggie omelet and Ken had corned beef hash and eggs. The fried potatoes were incredible...ok I know I shouldn't have them but I did give half to Ken.  Makes it ok doesn't it?! 

We left there and decided to take highway 412 all the way to Columbia TN.  Beautiful..certainly slower than the freeway but so much to look at. I love looking at all the homes along the way.  The crops planted and most ready to harvest.  Haven't figured out the corn crop though, as most looks dead. So did they already pick somehow and just let this go so far? interesting..

We got here to Cornersville about 1900 and came into the house...Don and Dana had bought a new bedroom set for "our room"...beautiful. We were planning on staying on the air mattress we bought last time, which would have been just fine..but this is incredible..will have to get pics tomorrow! The weather was perfect when we got here, about 80 with a breeze! 

August 10th...We left the KOA just below Wichita and headed out. We didn't leave till about 1030 as we just puttered around...oh well..we ended up in Eureka Springs about 1830...not bad after the late start..We had to change the tire on the trailer first as it was flat this am..we ended up babying it as far as we could and then in Coffeyville KS we had to buy three new tires..not fun and not cheap but had to be done..Dollar tire did a good job! 

August 9th...WE spent the night at the Goodland KS KOA..we visited Jenn's mom in Stratton and had a nice visit.

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