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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One more beautiful day in Cornersville!

August 20th..Cornersville, TN...Got our day going after coffee and breakfast.  I decided since we were staying at the house all day time to do a little cleaning..little being the operative word.  It's so nice here it's a pleasure to keep clean anyway.  We had lunch and Ken started on the lawn work again.  It's alot to keep up so he's been mowing and weedeating.  

I decided it was time to post some pics on Facebook so I spent a good part of the later afternoon doing that.  I need to get some posted here to save.  

Made spaghetti and salad for dinner, it was yummy!  First time using the gluten free noodles and they were very tasty.  They don't hold together as well as real noodles but they still work.  Had our drinks on the porch and watched the sun go down. It is so beautiful here! 

Ken visited with our neighbor across the way for a bit.  JD seems like a very nice man, and definitely a hard worker.  Ken came home with some canned goodies from him..

August 21st...Cornersville, TN...Got up and enjoyed the morning, then we headed to Lewisburg to do a little grocery shopping.  Ended up with a little ride to Columbia to see about a part for JD"s tractor and was able to find it.  Back in time for lunch, tuna sandwich for Ken and some cottage cheese and fruit for me. 

Our set up to take to Tn!

Ken coming from our cabin in Crossville KOA

Bedroom of a "homestead" house in Crossville , TN

Homestead House Crossville, TN

Ken waiting for lunch at Ruby Falls, TN

Overlooking the river at Ruby Falls

Inside Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls TN
This morning before we left, saw a lizard coming out of the laundry room, luckily he went back under the back screen door, so that door will be staying shut from now on! 

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