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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A great trip to Florence, Alabama

August 24th..Cornersville, Tn to Florence AL...Got up and Ken ran to get stuff to change the oil in my car, but by the time he got back we decided to just go ahead and go.  Headed to Florence Al and had a beautiful drive! We took the freeway a few miles into Al and then headed west.  Gorgeous drive, I love the back roads you see so much more!  Crossed over a couple of rivers that were huge and beautiful!  

Got to Florence and found the area we were looking for (the mall) and it was just about 1300 so LUnch time...low and behold found a mexican restaurant and ohhhhh so good..I think it was called the el mexicana..good food and cheap prices for lunch!  We got out of there for $16.00 plus tip and that included a large beer and nice glass of wine for me!  We will go back when we're in the area. 

Headed over to the mall and spent a little money on Ken and me.  I needed some new t shirts and he needed jeans.  Luckily Penneys had a nice clearance going on!  

Took a different way back still on the back roads and had a lovely ride.
Our truck and cabover waiting to go somewhere!

Ken Bar B Quing out back of Don's house

Rest Area going into Alabama!

Telling about the Saturn

The Saturn rocket is right there at the rest area 

Korean war memorial at the rest area

Flags at the rest area

Ken visiting the Vietnam Vets memorial at the rest area Alabama


The rocket again

Crossing over the river heading to Florence Alabama
Watched the cows for awhile and then some quick tacos and another lovely day here in TN is gone!  WOW..

August 25th...Stayed home, cleaned the camper and Ken did yard work!  Now for some wine, and bar b q tonight for dinner..gonna go watch the grass grow and the cows eat their dinner..

Sad news, Neil Armstrong passed away this afternoon. 

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