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Monday, August 20, 2012

A beautiful Sunday in Cornersville, TN!

August 19th..Cornersville, TN....Woke up to an easy Sunday morning..Left here about 1100 and headed to Lewisburg, a few minutes north of here.  Went to "The Walmart" and spent some money on groceries and Ken bought a new pair of jeans and a hitch for the trailer.  We visited the goodwill first, but didn't find anything.  Had lunch at LaComida, thinking it will be our Sunday afternoon treat.  It was delicious, other than they don't have whole beans which I have come to like much better than refried, and they are better for you.  Headed back home and met our neighbor, JD. Nice man. 

Ken asked when we wanted to go to Nashville and spend the night, I think it'll be after the 1st of the month.  When we got back Ken continued to mow Don's lawn, wow it looks like Don needs a "fluffer" and a bailer!  The lawn is so thick and green "it's amazing"!

Sat outside a while and watched the cows and birds and then made a salad and Ken had a salmon burger..great day in Cornersville!

Happy 63rd birthday to Ken's brother Dave...

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