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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Old mining town of Oatman AZ and Route 66!!

Today we decided to leave the KOA in Needles, CA and go for a drive...Crossed the Colorado River and headed to Oatman, AZ an old mining town on route 66..It was a beautiful drive through some interesting needle pointed mountains along with some of the teddy bear cactus...beautiful..we got there and were greeted by the wild burros that hang out in town, ready to be fed by the public.  Spent a couple of hours there and then had our "white trash lunch" on the tailgate.   The town itself, not so impressive as it was a definite "tourist trap"...but we still enjoyed.  In the end they only got $7.00 from us..Ken bought a really nice hat...Oatman, AZ and route 66...great hat, great price...We thought about eating there, but there just wasn't any place that impressed us...so out to the tailgate and our homemade lunch..declicious~  We are happy with that.! 

We left Oatman and thought we'd follow Route 66 to Kingman, but then again after driving so many miles decided to turn around and go Route 66 back...(it always looks different going the other way)...What a beautiful drive!!  

Got back to the campground, took our rv walk and now back at camp...in no hurry to head back to Winnemucca as it's snowing and cold...this was sooooooooo nice!! But tomorrow....on the road again!! How much better can it get!

Mountains on Route 66!

Mountains heading into Oatman, AZ

People decorated several of these plants going into Oatman for Christmas! 

Burros walking the streets of Oatman, AZ

Mural going into Oatman

Route 66 ...Oatman...

The road we were on...Route 66 

Wild Burros off Route 66...

More Cactus and palm...

The mountain you can see for miles on your way to Oatman...

Teddy Bear Cactus...

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