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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain...so we left Quartzsite and are in Needles, CA

Boondocking near Quartzsite, AZ

Jan 26th...We fell asleep last night listening to the rain, and woke up this morning listening to the rain.  Pretty much that locked us inside the camper for the morning hours. I kept hoping it would quit so we could stay, but after some more of Ken's movies we made the decision to leave our boondocking.  We had planned to ride bikes and enjoy the outside weather, but just wasn't happening. 

So we took our time leaving and headed for the KOA in Needles, CA where we were last week.  Little over 100 miles so a great drive.  Going down the highway is just incredibly beautiful, with the mountains, Colorado River and the lake.  Just so nice to watch the beauty and relax.  Had ourselves a nice lunch in a scenic pullout and now we're here...and it's raining again!  

I really hope that it'll quit tomorrow. We'll probably head towards Armagosa Valley NV, there's an rv park we've stayed before.  We can take our time as we have to be in Cool on Saturday for Mason's birthday. 

One more thing off the bucket list!

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