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Thursday, February 27, 2020

City of Rocks to Elephant Butte State Park :)

We had a lovely night's sleep at City of Rocks State Park.  I set the alarm for 0530 so we could get up and going.  We had our coffee and visited with our blogging friends to see what everyone is up to.  Got our showers and breakfast done. I think it was around 0900 or so when we left.  
They find the best places to put campsites!

All these formations out in the middle of prairie grass!!

We headed toward Deming, New Mexico so we could visit Walmart and of course get gas.  We left a nice deposit at Walmart and then the gas station wasn't too bad at $2.24 a gallon for gas. 
At the rest area!! 

Downtown Deming, NM

We got on the road probably close to noon! Had a great drive to Hatch, New Mexico.  I love that little town and all their vendors offering goodies and chiles. No, we didn't stop.   Teresa texted me and told me we needed to stop at their favorite place to eat there.   We did see Sparky's Burgers and BBQ the most popular place in town!  We couldn't have parked even if we wanted to.  Not that we wouldn't ,but it just wasn't time.  

26 to Hatch, NM..love the traffic!

Vendor in Hatch. 

We hit the I 25 and were pleasantly surprised at the lack of traffic! YAY.  We don't like freeways but this one was great.  WE passed Truth or Consequences and then decided to see if we could stay at Elephant Butte State Park. Not too far today, but with the late start we didn't want to end up with no place to stay.  Pulled into the kiosk and the lady said there wasn't any available. Wait, she knew of one that pulled out this morning and was supposed to stay another day.  Ok great, we paid our $14.00 and went in.  Found the site and it was occupied.  Ken went over to talk with the guy and an off duty camp host came out to assist. Long story short, we are in a camp host spot! Apparently oversold, overbooked or something. Nice, long site and we feel they took really good care of us!! One thing nice about Elephant Butte is that for $8.00 if there's nothing available you can camp along the beach.  I don't think they really ever run out of camping spots. :) 

Along the I 25..Hatch to Truth or Consequences NM..

Definitely a nice site :) 

Our view of the lake from Camp Host site..

His new bacon press..

Once we got settled in I made Ken some banana bread and me some flourless peanut butter cookies.  Now we have treats with our coffee.  ken did his thing and then it was Happy Hour outside.  The sun felt good on our backs and then he got the Little Red Campfire out and we enjoyed the warmth.  

Ken bar b qued some awesome burgers for dinner! He got a burger press today so wanted to try it out. Works great! There's some modifications he wants to make, but will have to wait until we get back home. 

A little tv and now this blog..then bedtime.  We are hoping to make Santa Fe tomorrow and spend 2 nights.  Then we'll have to book it to TN.  We've still got time but....

Time for bed as 0445 comes early! (Well, that's late for Nancy!) ...


  1. Hahaha I can't believe you guys are getting up so early. I thought I was the only one on the planet that did that!! Love the bacon press ... and your site! How cool is that!! I have not been to Elephant Butte ... maybe some day!

    1. It's a lovely park Nancy, but like so many others crowded. You didn't use to need reservations anywhere..times are a changing! I actually sleep better in the trailer than at home so I usually need to set the alarm. Home, never! haha.

  2. Elephant Butte, aaah, so far my favourite state park ever. Wow, can't believe it is so full! Well, yes I can really. :)
    Glad they fit you in. I've walked most everywhere in that park. :D
    Nice bacon press, Ken. Safe travels early birds!

    1. Yes, i guess I should have specified , they call it a bacon press but can use on burger, chicken etc..so he did! :) Love Elephant Butte, first park we ever stayed at in the 90's!

  3. Beautiful camping in the rocks and an enjoyable drive. You really lucked out getting the host site with a nice view of the Lake. A bacon press. Never heard of that. I do like the idea of a portable fire pit. Think I'll look into one of those next time I'm at Lowes. Safe travels through New Mexico.

    1. City of Rocks was incredible and camping only 10.00. Entrance fee 25..but if you don't go in the visitor center..no one knows..just saying..:) The "little red campfire" is awesome! No smoke, just heat because it's propane, think we ordered from Amazon..but Lowe's may have it. :) Keith got one, might check with him

  4. You two are really stopping at all our favourite spots. Deming, Elephant Butte just can't get any better.
    First I've heard of a Bacon Press.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your stay.

    It's about time.

    1. It can be a burger press too, which is what Ken used it for. they were delicious! Love new Mexico!

  5. Love both City of Rocks and Elephant Butte. Great places to put your feet up and rest. Elephant Butte also has some boon docking spots that aren't on the beach but near bathrooms and showers.
    Love the press, multi use item.
    Safe travels.

    1. You are so right, it is a multi use item..I see lots of uses! Panini's for one, since I broke ours. oops. Yes, wish we had more time to rest..but on again. hopefully on the way home ! :)