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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Quartzsite, Silly Al's and Yuma..

We left John and Karen's place about 1130! Yep an early start...LOL.. We really weren't worried about where we ended up ..just down the road a bit. We had a lovely drive and eventually ended up at the rest area at Newberry Springs a little over a hundred miles from Needles, CA and the Arizona border. 

The rest area there has lots of parking for big rigs and RVS..very nice and would stay there again. 

We set the alarm for 0400 this am.  I was awake at 0340 and at 0400 I woke Ken with this little diddy, "Rise and shine and grab your socks! It ain't daylight but it's four o'clock!" I could see my daddy in heaven😇 smiling down at me. When we were kids every summer we'd head from California to Arkansas to visit cousins and he would use this to wake us in the mornings to get on the road. 💙

Thought we would have coffee, blogging and hit the road for a couple of hours. Since we were headed east thought we would get a couple of driving hours in before the sun blinded us.  It worked well and we stopped at the next rest area and had breakfast and showers. We got back on the road as the sun was above us. 

Our breakfast spot..

We hit the Arizona line and loved the change in scenery.  Gas was so much cheaper at exit #9! Yay we're back in Arizona! We stopped in Parker at the gas station outside of town and I made lunch.  We were going to stop at Plamosa Rd and spend the night but decided to go a little farther and stay near Dome Rock. 

We found an awesome site there..and here we are! No one around, but from the fire pits there was at some time. 

A little windy..but she sure is beautiful!

Colorado River

The view from our campsite..:)

I sat outside this afternoon in shorts! This evening Ken made an awesome fire pit and fire from the 2x4's we brought from home..small,  but it worked.

Tacos and a movie for the evening..soon bedtime. We were going to get an early start to the south...but Ken suggested Silly Al's at 1100 and then we'll see how far we go after we come back and hook up the Mansion. We don't really have a schedule so it's nice.  As long as we're in TN around the 8th of March. 

Wednesday morning we didn't set the alarm..so I was awake at 0630 and got the coffee going.  We did our morning things and I thought I'd have plenty of time to post the blog..NOT...we got to Silly Al's about 1115..Not a lot of people but more than you would think!  Great lunch, wine and beer.  

Got ourselves ready back at camp and headed out.. so later than we thought.  A nice drive towards Yuma and now we are here at the BLM behind Pilot Knob RV Park. Hoping we can have Happy Hour tomorrow with some of our blogging friends before we move on Friday! Tomorrow is a shopping and laundry day :( ...gotta be done! The temps this afternoon were awesome we were able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine for a bit!
Have a great evening!


  1. Don't you just love it when things come together and you have a couple of nice travel days? One of these times I'm going to have all of you at Pilot Knob mark a map with the places you stay so I can check them out. Enjoy the weather!

    1. We did enjoy the weather and the friendship. We love the BLM behind the park especially this time of year as a lot of people have moved on.

  2. We wondered if we would see you yesterday for HH but I sure understand the taste for Silly Al's! You've had a couple of nice travel days and I'm sure you're loving the Mansion.
    See you soon!

  3. We were hoping, but you know how plans change..and Silly Al's was delicious and not crowded so it was nice. We are loving it, didn't know how much but I'm still amazed at the room :) Yep..hoping to see you later today!

  4. Welcome to the land of heat! Yuma is always my destination when coming from Illinois. Feels so nice here in the winter. Shopping and laundry, the two things I dislike most as an RVer, but like you say, "It's got to be done!" See you this afternoon.

    1. We enjoyed seeing you and everyone else while we were there. It certainly was perfect weather, wish we could have stayed longer.

  5. Happy to hear you've had some nice travel days.
    I have to say that I thought maybe Ken was rocking the trailer trying to get out in one of those photos. Haha.
    Enjoy your time at Pilot Knob.

    1. HaHa I know which picture! No just trying to close as it's a little stiff at times. We have had some great days for sure!

  6. Nice to see that you are Enjoying the Mansion and taking your time heading for Tennessee. Just mentioning Silly Al's has my mouth watering.
    Safe Travels!

    It's about time.

  7. Yes, we are enjoying it. And Silly Al's was as good as ever!!