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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Leaving Don's, Natchez Trace, Goshen Springs Campground :)

Yesterday morning..(Wed) we woke up about 0515.  Headed downstairs and had our coffee, showers etc.  We were ready to leave Don and Dana's a little after 1000.  We wanted pictures and got them done.  Out the driveway at 1030.  That's how we roll normally :)  *I've got more pictures on my phone, but they wouldn't download to email tonight..sigh..I'll try tomorrow**
Don, Dana and Sweet Pea!!

Ken and Dana!

Had a lovely drive towards Shannon, MS.  We had been going back and forth with Tom and Deb and thought we could meet them at the park they were going to stay at.. It worked!  We pulled in around 1600 and they were there. It's not a big park, so we were pretty close to them. I let them know we were there, Tom came over to say Hi and then Ken finished setting up and we headed over to visit with them. Alot longer than we should have :)   Made some quick tacos and then off to bed we went (I knowBad!) 

This morning, (Thursday)I set the alarm for 0515.  I turned the coffee on and about 0600 i got Ken up.  We took our time and after saying goodbye to Tom and Deb we left the park around 1100.  We ran to Tupelo and got gas..bottom line, we passed where we began at 1224!  

Oh well, we're on the Natchez Trace Parkway.. we did this back in 2013 so figured why not do it again. It's such a beautiful way to go if you're not in a hurry. Speed limit is 50 miles an hour. Works for us! 

We had a beautiful drive for about 140 miles or so.  I got on the phone and found Goshen Springs Campground on the Bennett Resorvoir.  Reviews were excellent so we thought ok..let 's try it. 

It's only a few miles off the Natchez Trace..a beautiful campground and you're 65 or older they deduct $2.00..so it's $22.00 a night for full hookups. Great bathrooms and laundry also. In the summer (not sure when) a beautiful pool to be enjoyed. 

What's with these houses? We've seen several!!

We had to do laundry so we headed over. No problem getting in and loading up. Nice girl there that we talked with.  $1.00 to wash and $1.00 to dry..ok not bad. 
Now we've got nice clean clothes for the next week or so.  
The Beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway! 

Bad weather 2019

On our way to the campground..

Office..( which is now on lockdown) 

Not open yet, but beautiful! 

Our spot here! Love the room!

Just cause...

Lunch on the Natchez Trace Parkway...MS>.

Had Happy Hour outside, even though it was muggy.  A nice breeze to take away from that! 

This really is a great park and I recommend anyone to stay here! 

We both said if the country gets shut down tomorrow, we'd be happy to spend a month here.

Have a great night!! 💗


  1. Funny looking igloo houses. You had a nice day for traveling and that park sure is spacious. Nice to see the green grass. Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. So green and beautiful! Thanks we made it to a corps of engineer park in western LA. They all will shut down on Sunday all across America :(( I am so mad!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice visit. Funny houses indeed!! Igloos! haha
    Looks like a nice park. :) Great place to spend isolation!

    1. I know too funny in Mississippi ..Great park and yes it would have been!

  3. Now that's MY kind of RV park. I love having all that space. I've never been on the Natchez Trace, but friends have taken that route and loved it. Enjoy the peace.

    1. We loved it would come back in a heartbeat when we are that way. Wish we would have stayed..

  4. Glad you found a nice place to stay.
    The way things are going you might be wise to stay there. Just have to find food to last a while.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Funny you should say that..if we knew this morning what we know now we would have stayed. We planned on staying in a COE park for a couple of days..they are shutting them all down Sunday morning :( We've got food, so we're good for awhile!