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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Waiting to see Jacob! We're in Pensacola. We bought a new truck.

I hate it when this happens!! How could I get so far behind?! So let me recap to the best of my ability LOL..

Thursday morning Ken and I headed for the Social Security office in Columbia, TN.  We both needed new cards, Don had told us it was easy and no line in Columbia.  We were also going to visit Kroeger and a few other places.  One of those places being Roberts Toyota.  Ken has been putting away what was equivalent to our old truck payment since the truck was paid off, nearing a year a half.  He knew he wanted a new truck down the road.  Well, that road ended on Thursday. LOL.  Donnie the salesman was wonderful, we got the deal we wanted and they did us really fair on the trade in.  This was by far the easiest deal we've ever made! Roberts Toyota offers a life time power train warranty for as long as we own the vehicle good anywhere in the US.  So we left there proud new owners of a vehicle we hadn't seen yet as they had to get it from Clarksville, TN. 

They sent us home in a loaner car.  We were starving, so we stopped at La Fuentes Mexican at about 1600.  Then to a nice evening at Don and Dana's. 

Friday morning we ALL found ourselves glued to the TV as Don live streamed Jacob's graduation from Boot Camp!!  It was such a wonderful event, except that no audience was allowed.  You could see the disappointment in the new Sailors faces, but they powered through.  We did get to see quite a bit of Jacob and for that we were glad.  

My sister's grandson Owen (5) wanted to see the picture of Jacob holding the sword, He told her that wasn't Jacob because he wasn't smiling :)  

Jacob leading his division! 

That's our Sailor in the front! 

So Proud of this young man!

Once it was over we then left to go change out the stuff in Tundra #1 to put it in Tundra #2.  We were there a couple of hours and then Donnie showed us the bells and whistles on our new truck.  To say Ken is a Happy Camper would be an understatement :) 
Ken's new pride and joy!

Making it his own, had to move pipe rack and utility box..

Then to Kroeger to pick up the stuff we didn't get the day before.  We saw the parking lot was packed.  We loaded our stuff and then over to the check out.  NOPE not happening.  We put it all back and left.  Never have I seen so many people in that store, all panic buying! We drove by Walmart and another Kroeger, not happening today. 

We  left Don's house yesterday (Saturday) a little before 0700.  Once we arrived in the town of Athens AL we stopped at Walmart a little before 0800. The parking lot was packed, shelves were empty.  Amazing the people that were there!  We went for beer and wine, since states are so different in their liquor laws.  We probably looked like we were hoarding beer and wine :) LOL.  Back on the road for another hour or so, then we stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Haven't been to one in years, it was delicious!  We figured it would hold us until dinner.  As it turns out it ended up holding us till breakfast this am! 

We got to the hotel around 1600. Russell and family were over in Mobile, AL doing the battleship park tour.  They stopped on the way back and had linner.  If we were smart we would gone to eat then, we're not that bright apparently.  

Once they got back we all went down to the lobby and enjoyed the evening along with another set of Sailors parents. We enjoyed the evening a little too much.  So nice though to spend time with our family anytime/anywhere we can get it.  

Originally we thought Jacob would fly in on Saturday and we'd get to spend a few hour with him then and all day Sunday, a base liberty.  Well, not to be as now because of the Coronavirus scare the military has locked down bases. I won't comment on how we feel about this.  Long story short, we are all hoping to get a few minutes with him as he flies in from Great Lakes and heads for the Pensacola Naval Air Station for training. We'll take what we can get at this point. 

Russ and family will head for New Orleans after dinner as they have an early flight in the am.  Ken and I are here until tomorrow morning, when we'll head back to Don's.  We've got to start our route home this week.  How time flies! 

Happy Birthday to my brother in law Shawn..unfortunately he's celebrating alone in a care center to regain his strength after spending almost a month in the hospital after surgery complications.  The care center won't let anyone visit or bring food :(  Hopefully he'll be out soon and can celebrate then!

Have a great day!


  1. Wow! A new Tundra. Ken is a happy camper now. New trailer and new truck. Life is good. Too bad the Cornonavirus is putting such a big dent in your plans to see Jacob. He looks so elegant and proud in the pictures. He'll love Pensacola. Stay safe.

    1. Life is good for sure! At least we all got 30 minutes with him today. He is a good looking Sailor for sure! He lost about 15 pounds that he really couldn't afford to lose, Kind of like some other man I know!

  2. Congrats on the new truck. Very nice, and I'm sure you will both enjoy it!!
    A very proud young man in those photos, congrats again to all of you!!!
    Lots of plans are being dented and changed due to the corona virus. Safe travels.

    1. Thank you Deb. He id very well in boot camp, now on to air traffic control school! Yep the virus is really messing with people's lives. Our grandsons schools are all closed for the next month...REALLY?!

  3. Congrats on the new truck. It should last you a good long time.
    Too bad about your visit with Jacob. This virus scare is sure changing a lot of plans for folks. I guess we have to trust the decision makers.
    Safe travels home.

    1. Thank you Dave! Still wouldn't have missed those 30 minutes today for anything! No trusting decision makers as they are crazy! If you look at the facts it's easily realized!

  4. Congratulations on the new truck. Looks like Ken is thinking about more Road Trips.
    This Coronavirus is having lots of people and organization doing crazy things. Hopefully you can get together with Jacob soon.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the Scenery.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick! Love to be on the road when we can for sure! We had about 30 minutes today :)

  5. Nice looking truck Ken, congrats. This Coronavirus is sure putting a dent in a lot of plans and events. Craziness for sure, yes you have to be careful, but there is no need for the panic and hoarding that is going on. Safe travels and stay healthy.

  6. Oh Bill, don't get me started on the ridiculousness of this virus (uhh..flu that happens every year)..Thank you for congrats..he's a happy camper for sure!

  7. NICE TRUCK!!!! I'm a truck girl myself ... that's a beauty!!

  8. Nice pictures of your grandson. Just sad you could not be there in person. Great looking truck...congratulations. Safe travels and stay healthy.

    1. Thanks guys! We got Sunday for a few minutes so we're happy! :) Ken loves the truck and the new upgrades sine 2014..