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Friday, May 31, 2013

I can't believe it's May 31st!

Can't remember the last time I have gone this long without updating the blog!  Hate it when I don't keep up on this, because my mind definitely forgets what we've done!  

The kids came home on Friday around midnight, and we got up on Sat at their house, had breakfast and heard all about their trip!  Sounds like they had a wonderful time, and got tanned too!  We left there Sat afternoon and went over to Diane's house for her son Kenny and Tasha's graduation party..Jacob, Aaron and Adam went with me and Ken took the Ford and our tractor over there.  She had a really nice party for the kids and we also celebrated her graduation from college!  I give her alot of credit for following through and graduating.. We stopped at the store and bought her a couple of plants from bulbs so she can remember every year when they bloom what she accomplished.  When we were buying the plants, Aaron asked, "why are we buying Diane flowers?"  and I said because she graduated from college...he gets a funny look on his face and says, "Uh grandma, shouldn't she have done that like 20 years ago?!!"...She is 58 and we are very proud of her! 

After the party Ken left and headed to Yerington, to get the tractor home.  I took Adam home and spent the night at his house.  In the morning he wanted to go to breakfast, so we went next door to the Buffalo Hill Cafe...delicious!!  They were having a tractor show so took some pics and then I headed home to Yerington.  

Tuesday we left home and went to Winnemucca as we had our lab appointment Wednesday am.  Then breakfast at Parker T's...so slow..food was good but service has alot to be desired.  The restaurant has changed names, and the waitresses that were there before appear to be gone.  Young ones now..and no customer service.  So we headed home and about 6 miles from our property the truck broke down. Luckily we had service so got towed into town.  After spending a few hours waiting, we decided to head for the Motel 6 and spend the night.  They said they would have the truck done in the am so we decided this was the best option.  The vacuum pump and serpentine belt had to be replaced along with putting the pulley that broke back on.  

had a good night and after breakfast (we gave Parker T another chance, but decided we won't be going back)  Ken walked to the shop and picked up the truck, $488.00...not too bad we didn't think.  Headed back out to the property and worked on getting the 23 foot 5th wheel to make it's last trip back to Yerington.  It will serve as a guest bedroom, until it's demise or ours ...  :))

Ken got it ready and also moved the 19 foot fifth wheel to the space under the canopy..set the alarm for 0330 and left about 0530 to head home.  Trailer did great and we made it home no problems!  I worked on getting it cleaned out as it had alot of stuff in it because we used it as our home base.  Ken wasn't feeling good so he took a nap till lunch and then worked out side for a bit..As I'm writing this he still isn't feeling real good.  Tomorrow we'll move the 5th wheel to it's new area and finish cleaning it.  Need to go to the store to get some food for the kids coming at the end of the week, but will wait till after the weekend.  No point in fighting the crowds since we're retired and everyday is Saturday!  

I'll post  a few pics a little later! 

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