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Monday, May 20, 2013

Great lunch with my two favorite sisters!

Woke up this am and quickly was reminded of what it was like to have young kids and get them off to school.  Jacob wanted the only egg in the house with cheese and toast..Aaron ate 3 of the sausage/pancake sticks (kinda like a corn dog only sweeter)...Lori had some delicious strawberries, raspberries and some overripe bananas..made up some great smoothies for the boys...Told them I was going to Walmart and did they want me to pick up anything...eggs, bacon and more strawberries! Dropped Jacob off at school...came back for Aaron and then I headed out and visited the Roseville area...gosh it sucks even at 0930...so many people at Walmart..got some stuff bought. 

My sister Linda called me about 1100 and said she and Wendy (other sis) were going to be at the Sunflower Drive In around 1200 and did I want to meet them there?!  YEAH...i've heard about it from them but never had anything from there..so I finished  a little shopping at Kohls and headed that way.  After looking at the menu which all of it looked totally delicious I decided on the nutburger, with gluten free roll and vegan sauce on the side...OMG it was soooooo good! Then we all ordered a nonfat yogurt shake, I had the blackberry....oh so delicious!  Had a great visit with my sisters...I love them both soooo much!  Decided to get my niece Tasha a watch so went looking quick and then got the boys and we headed out to a few stores and then back home.  Their parents "face timed" them in the evening...from Cancun and I talked to Ken for quite awhile...Cheryl called too and we had a nice conversation...before u know it BEDTIME...and we'll do it again tomorrow.  

Aaron has a field trip and wanted me to go...but because it was last minute they already have enough chaperones..which is a good thing, that there are parents who want to go on the kids field trips..

Tomorrow Tasha and nephew Kenny graduate from high school!!! Congrats Grads!! 

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