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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Worked on our room, and today Rio Linda Tractor Days and a new additon!!!

Our curtains in the kitchen...not a very good pic..

Storm coming in...was great!

Our bedroom color..never had green b4 but i'm liking it!

Slept in the kids room last night..great..window open and this am at 0400
we saw incredible stars and a falling star!
Ken teaching Adam to drive tractor...
Ken on our new additon!

Hopefully one day ours will look like this!
Our new purchase!!!!!!
I worked on Friday on our bedroom, painting, but not quite finished. Trim on Tues probably as we are headed for CA for the weekend.  KC our friend called and told us there is a tractor out at Tractor Days Rio Linda, that we just HAVE to buy...well, honestly if KC is telling us this it's probably true as he really does know our tastes.

We got up this am (5/11) went into town and had a nice breakfast and then headed to CA..stopped in Georgetown and picked up Adam and headed to Rio Linda...the tractor was $950 and KC got him to take $850 cash..so a quick stop at the bank and on to Tractor Days.  This was an event I worked for years, it was my favorite event of the year and now no one from the Sheriff's Dept works it and hasn't since I retired...sad..no community oriented policing anymore, as far as I am concerned...

Anyway....loved the tractor..a 1940 Allis Chalmers and it runs...of course after we bought it Ken took me for a ride, then I was going to drive, we're trading places and it dies...yes we are stuck in the 90+ degree heat in the sun waiting for a tow..we got one, bad gas and the filter was horribly plugged..got back and had a great day,...Ken did get the tractor running again, and drives like a dream! Even though it was hotter than Hell................picked up some Chinese food from Amys in Rio Linda...yummm and headed to the Days Inn in Rocklin...not too impressed as I asked for 1st floor and didn't get it...of course it looks like 1st floor people are of Iranian descent..hmmmmmmmm...

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