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Monday, February 25, 2019

Got my old/new table! :) A little cooking and Ken washed a few vehicles!

Sunday morning we got ourselves up and going.  I made us both breakfast and then we headed out the door.  We were headed to Gardnerville and Minden.  Gardnerville for some groceries at Walmart and Minden to look at the table.  We got to Walmart and I texted Leslie, the lady with the table to let her know we were in the area. 

We had a beautiful drive to Gardnerville!

Winter wonderland!

We got to Minden right near 1200.  I walked into the house and fell in LOVE! Just what I wanted and the right price!  Paid the lady and got it loaded up.  We were home around 1430 and had a late lunch. Then we unloaded the table and it's sitting in the garage. It'll be there awhile, as I want a new kitchen floor  (which I've wanted for a long time) and a few other things to complete the look. I like having it all done at once. 
Close up of the grey cracked ice..:)

As it will be in my house
down the road...

Love the detail!

With two slides in it's 75 inches! 

When we bought our couch I wouldn't bring it in until the whole living room was completed..so Ken knows this is standard protocol. hahah. 
The table slide was made in Louisville, KY..Jefferson Table Slide

Looks like we have table 126 of 467..made 4-8-1949...

Ken had his bell pepper for dinner and I had leftovers, some tv watching and bedtime. Nothing too exciting.  

Monday morning we set the alarm as we had a breakfast date with our friend, Susan.  We met her at Dini's and  had a good breakfast along with good conversation.  After about an hour and half or so we came back home. 

Well, I had a choice, cook some stuff or clean out a closet hmmm...cooking won.  I found a recipe for some chili (no beans for me) and got that going.  It looks yummy!  Made with ground turkey breast.  The weather is cool and windy, this will taste awesome for lunch.  
My table set to get rid of..we bought it a couple of years ago
to get me through to what I really wanted..

Ken's chili for a few lunches

Ken washed the Tundra and my 16 Patriot. Both of them sure needed it! Now it'll probably rain hahah. We finished our afternoon, I made some broccoli tots, actually tried a different recipe to make fritters, didn't work so I turned them into tots.  

About 1600 turned on the computer and ordered 4 retro chairs to go with the table. Looked at flooring and think I've found the one I want. A productive afternoon.hah. 

Talked with son, Bryan  and grandson, Adam earlier today. :) 
Grandson Jacob played his last high school basketball game
the other night..bittersweet I am sure! :) He's on the right back row!

Grandson Seth played his first of his last baseball
games for Golden Sierra High..Grandpa Bobby was
there to cheer him on! 

Having a couple of drinks, fire in the wood stove and dinner in a bit. Nice evening.  Ken's headed to the hospital in town in the morning to get his blood work and EKG done for the surgery.  He'll make an appointment with his primary care dr for a pre surgery physical. It would be nice if they had a cancellation once this is done, as his shoulder is really hurting. We will see.  

Have a great evening!  


  1. Good luck to Ken, hope you get it repaired and are feeling good as new soon.
    Love the photos. Hard to believe they are real with all that beautiful snow in the distance. Of course I don't want to be there but it looks wonderful. Haha.
    The table is a keeper. I like the detail too. Amazing how well those older tables stand up isn't it?
    Keep warm, stay safe.

    1. It still amazes me how the mountains look with all that snow on them. I like looking at it in the distance too. This morning we've got more howling winds..I was amazed after 70 years how good the table looks..WE are hoping the surgery will make things so much better for Ken! Washing the truck with one arm was not easy :( but since he can't stand sitting still...

  2. Love that table and matching chairs will be perfect once your get the new flooring.
    Goos luck with Ken's tests and upcoming surgery.

    1. Thanks George! Know I'm really excited to get it all done..guess you can tell huh?! haha. Hoping Ken's surgery could be pushed up, but we'll see..they only do this surgery on Mondays..darn!

  3. Nice looking Table and by the looks of the old one you should be able to sell it On-line.
    Sure you don't want Ken to finish the Kitchen before his surgery. It will take time to heel which the DR will restrict him from using it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I'd love for Ken to finish kitchen but I figure this is one time we'll hire out the linoleum..he doesn't mind squares but doesn't want the whole. thing..now I'm thinking I want to paint cabinets..not for him he's messy! haha. I'm hoping to get a little for our set..but the table worth more than chairs i'm thinking..so we'll see..i'm sure you know always a work in progress..

  5. I am catching up. Really do like that table the detail on the legs is wonderful. Now on to the fun of a new floor...:)
    Great pictures of your winter wonderland.
    Fingers crossed there is a cancellation and Ken gets that shoulder done soon. Keep us updated.
    Nice looking grandsons.
    Take care and stay warm.

  6. Aw nice to hear from you Deb! Can't wait for your catchup blog post of the fun times with your sister. Thanks I'm partial to those boys haha. Aren't we all?!