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Friday, February 8, 2019

Laundry, Welding and Happy Hour, warmer temps!

Thursday morning we sat the alarm for 0430 (Ken said it was supposed to be 0400).  WE got ourselves ready and headed for the laundromat in town.  Left here about 0630.  Had no problem getting a washer.  We went back out to the truck until it was time for the dryer. Headed to the gas station to get beer and ice, then back to the laundromat. Clothes folded and back home for breakfast. Glad to get that job out of the way!  
Sunrise from the laundromat

Quartzsite AZ

Got all the stuff put down in the trailer and off we went to RV Lifestyles to get the sway bar welded up. Ken could explain better why we needed this done, but since that's his job just know we had it done because it needed to be. haha. They got us right in and now it's done and we're happy.  Thanks George for the referral! Back home in time for a late lunch.  
George's home getting some welding done


After..great welding job!

They had some nice rigs and toys for sale...not for us though

We were having left over chicken for dinner and Ken wanted mashed potatoes to go along with his. So I made some from the red potatoes we had.  Before you know it, it's 1500!  Time for Happy Hour! This was our last one with George and Suzie as they're moving on to another place.  They've been here over a month and definitely have that Hitch Itch!  We're definitely going to miss them! 
Our beautiful sunset! 

Friday morning we awoke to temps of 30 degrees and it sure felt like it in the trailer!  Ken went out and turned on the propane for Mr Heater and it didn't take too long before it was nice and toasty in here!  

Had our coffees, muffins and visiting with our friends blogs. Today we are moving on to Imperial Dam LTVA for a bit.  Tom and Deb are coming with us, so we're happy about that! Hoping to see a few people while we're in the area and get some much needed shopping done. Not sure how long we'll be there, but looks like it'll be a beautiful day in that area.  Of course, every morning we waked up is a beautiful day!! :) 

Have a good one! 


  1. Always nice to have clean clothes so there is no need to run around naked or in your cleanest dirty shirt. Haha
    Nice weld job, better before problems than after problems. I like Ken's way of thinking.
    Very nice that Tom and Deb will be travelling with you to Imperial Dunes!! Sounds like fun. Safe travels.

    1. Imperial Dam LTVA, sometimes my fingers and my brain don't seem to know they are connected. Haha

  2. Sorry we didn't get back to your final Happy Hour.
    Hope you Enjoy your time at Imperial Dam. Be certain to check out the Military Museum.
    Be Safe and Stay warm.

    It's about time.

    1. Sorry we didn't get over to see you guys too or at Happy Hour. We've been her for a few years and yes enjoy the Military Museum! Already warmer temps here than Q..loving it!

  3. You welcome guys our welding job was great glad you are happy with yours as well. Have fun at Imperial Dam with more happy hours with Tom and Deb.
    Thanks Shirley for those recipes will file them and give them a shot.

  4. Any time George! Glad you guys got settled in a beautiful spot as we are too. For today even a better Happy Hour than what we thought, as we're with Kim and Ken too. Time is flying!

    1. Amazing how you just ran into to Kim and Ken, the time sure is flying.

  5. Looks like you've enjoyed Quartzsite. Wish we were there.:-(
    The guys at RV Lifestyles are life savers. They do pretty good work.
    Safe travels!