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Monday, February 11, 2019

From Q to Imperial Dam LTVA..

Friday February 8th

We left Quartzsite around 10 or so after everybody dumped, got shopping done and fuel.  We met Tom and Deb back at La Posa South and they hooked up. We headed down the road for about 60 miles to our destination near the Yuma Proving Grounds.  We were headed for Imperial Dam LTVA.  Near the campground Tom and Deb saw someone waving like crazy at them from a car.  We got to the area where you can fill your rig with water and while standing outside we were surprised to see Kim and Ken!  They were the wavers!   They spotted the Stinger B and followed us back, as they were taking a ride. So good to see them! We weren't sure if they were still there or not, so we were glad to see they were!  

Deb, Tom, George, Ken and Suzie...Good bye George and Suzie

Yuma Proving Grounds..where we turn for Imperial Dam LTVA

Tom, Deb, Ken and Ken 

After filling with water we followed them to their little piece of heaven.  Got ourselves set up, a little lunch and then time for Happy Hour. WE enjoyed chatting as always and then eventually it got cold so we all headed for home. 
Getting our site set up

Tom and Deb

Kim and Ken's site

Happy Hour or more!
Saturday February 9th

Ken had told us about a place in Yuma, RV Connections in case we needed anything.  Well, as it turned out we did.  Our shower head kept popping off while we're taking showers.  Ken knew it was the hose and not the head. Saturday morning we headed for Yuma to hit Walmart and RV Connections. Left a good donation at Walmart and then over to RV Connections. They had what we're looking for along with a reasonable price. We asked about the thermostat, better price but a little different than ours. So we passed. 
Arizona sunset!

Reminds me of Yerington in the spring

Saw this cool truck with this old washer in the back. 

Got home in time to have a quick lunch and then after a bit, Ken and Ken decided on Happy Hour outside their motorhome. Tom and Deb got home after a bit and we all moved in front of their home for the warmth.  Eventually we all headed home as it was chilly. 
From left, Kim, Ken, Ken, Tom and Deb

Another sunset
Sunday February 9th
. In the middle of the night I heard the clicker trying to light the water heater, so I knew we were out of propane. Frig was blinking too. It was cold in here so I got Ken up to go switch over the tank from the empty one to the full one! We turned on Mr Heater and luckily it doesn't take long to heat the place up (or I'd never get out of bed).   We got ourselves going. We said good bye to Kim and Ken as they were moving to an RV Park in Yuma for a week. We really enjoyed the time getting to know them. 

Once they left we went to the dump station..yipee..haha and then took the spot they vacated. 

Ken, Kim, Ken

Good bye guys!! 

 I made some flourless chocolate chip cookies for my morning treat with coffee.  Of course not as good as the real ones, but much better for me I am sure! 

After lunch decided to take a little drive on the backroad.  We've done it many times, but always fun to see the rigs that are here.  On the way back Ken stopped at the check in place and they told him about a drive to Fergurson Lake.  We got back to camp and a  little later Tom and Deb got home. 
Going up the hill

Beautiful lake

Love the color of the lake..

We went over a little after 1500 and had a great chat!  When it started to get colder they invited us inside and we chatted some more.  After a bit Ken left as he was getting burgers started and I stayed to chat some more!  I had a craving for a REAL hamburger so took out BEEF in the am! I got home and Ken almost had burgers done...the wind was howling!! I got some potatoes cooking and the condiments done.  The burgers were wonderful!  So good I got no pictures!!! 

Monday February 11
A good night's sleep with howling winds all night long! Doesn't bother me, I rather like feeling the trailer move in the night. 

Looks like today  we'll take a run into Yuma quickly for a few things, then we'll see what happens. Stinger B's windshield  got hit by a rock on their way in here the other day, so Tom and Deb have got to get that taken care of before they can move on. 

Friday night our Grandson played his last night of basketball for high school. They had what is called Senior Night..looks like they showcase the senior basketball players so i stole this picture from FB. 

Jacob (the tall one), Russell and Lori


  1. Looks like you have been enjoying you time there at Imperial Dam and more Happy hours with friends. Hope Tom and Deb rig is ok and get it fixed promptly. Enjoy your time there until you move on down the road again.

    1. Rock hit the lower windshield and it's a crack right now so we'll see hopefully later today. We're probably leaving Wed but will be back in a few days..you know Ken, he doesn't sit too long either :)

  2. Awesome few days you've had. Always nice to spend time with friends. I had to laugh when you woke Ken up to change the tank over. That is too funny. I've been known to go out in my jammies to do that myself in the wee hours.
    The cookies looked wonderful.

    1. It has been awesome and we're not ready to end it yet! Thank you, I like these cookies not much guilt associated with them for sure! Last couple of days, because the tank we're using for Mr Heater has a slow leak (we will replace after this propane gone) I've been up and out to turn on the bottle. brrr..haha

  3. Glad you are enjoying Imperial Dam LTVA. Big difference from La Posa South.
    I had to change to our Spare Tank in my PJs one night just before going to bed. A way to save on Propane is to only fire up the Water heater before you plan to use it. Or for only Five hundred dollars replace the Water Heater with an Instant Hot System. It uses a lot less propane.
    It is okay to have meat once in a while.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, I remember the propane story! haha. I turn on the water heater when I start the coffee in the am. After dishes it's off the rest of the day most days. thank you for the tip! We do eat chicken,pork and turkey but once in awhile I have a craving for the real hamburger and before we end this trip we'll have another for sure. yum..

  4. Nice that you had a visit at Q and then again at Imperial Dam with those guys. Always a good time! Keep us informed of your plans, you know you can text us or msg us on our phones anytime. We want to see you guys!

  5. Patsy we definitely want to hook up! Heard you are in Mexico tomorrow so we will be in touch!