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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Shopping in Yuma..beautiful moon..gorgeous sunrise and brunch!

Yesterday morning (Monday) we got up about 0630 and did our usual morning thing.  Coffee, checking on blogging friends and then getting ready. We were hoping to get out at a reasonable time as we were headed to Yuma for some grocery shopping, getting propane tank filled etc.  Well, I think it was about 1030 or so when we left the campground. Not sure why it takes so long to leave but it does. :)
Deb, the gold chair is still there!

Love the color of the lake..

Crops on the way to Yuma

We headed to Fry's and some grocery shopping. That parking lot is crazy! Took us about an hour in there. Topped off the gas tank and Walmart for a few things.  Cannot believe how crowded and busy everything is!  Yuma is sure a long drawn out town! 

By the time we were done with all that it was about 1400 way past time for lunch.  We went back to a little diner that is in the same parking lot as a gas station.  We'd seen it many times but never have gone there.  Took us awhile to get there as we were headed the other way and looking for the sign to I 8.  Finally found it and off we went.  Closer to 1430 or so when we sat down.  

The Daybreakers Cafe is a cute little place, obviously older but well kept.  They just got craft beer on tap so Ken ordered a tall Deshutes IPA and I had a glass of Chardonnay.  Ken had a turkey melt which he loved and I had a grilled chicken breast sandwich, both came with fries and they were very good!  We were stuffed when we left and both knew there would be no dinner. 
My wine and Ken's IPA..

This little place is very good! We would definitely go back..

One more stop at Amerigas for propane and luckily we got in.  The last vehicle in line and they shut the gate.  Sign says they close at 1600 but it was more like 1530 when he shut the gate.  $2.39 a gallon, so not bad.  After that we were homeward bound. 

Got the stuff put away and sat outside a bit.  The wind was blowing hard but the way we have the trailer parked it was fine. Later we watched the news and then back outside.  The evening was beautiful and  the moon was gorgeous! 

Our son Bryan called while we were outside so I talked to him and so did Ken. He had a cord of wood delivered and so spent part of the day stacking it. Looks good Bryan! 
The load delivered..
and stacked..you deserve a beer, son! 

Eventually we called it a night and slept with the windows and door open! Nice. A good breeze going right across the bed so it was awesome! 

Woke up this am about 0600, started the coffee and closed the windows and door.  No need for the heater but it was a little cool.  Got Ken up and we started the day catching up with our friends. While we were sitting there I noticed a glow in the dining window..what a sunrise!! Had to get it! 
Our gorgeous sunrise..no enhancements..

A little wind this am..

We had decided on a brunch for breakfast.  I had the ingredients to make Ree Drummond's (Pioneer Woman) Tater Tot Casserole. Before we left home we saw her make it on the show and it stuck with us so decided today was the day.  Got all the good ingredients going sausage, onions, bell pepper cheese and the egg mixture.  YUM..all kinds of goodies you shouldn't eat, well the veggies don't count.  haha.. 
Layer of tater tots..cooked for 15 min..

Everything else dumped on top..

Ken wanted it made exactly how she does it, (I thought there should be more eggs) so that's what I did.  Outcome was awesome just that way.  There's enough left for his breakfast tomorrow and maybe a bit more. 

I even treated myself to a mimosa..had a bottle of champagne
since home..seemed like the perfect morning..

Cleaned house, Ken ran to get some fresh water and now we're ready to see what the rest of the day holds. 

Congratulations to our Grandson, Jacob..got
his learners permit yesterday..can't believe
we have 3 grandsons behind the wheel now!!
Have a wonderful day! 


  1. That breakfast looks yummy, especially with a mimosa :-)

  2. That Yuma is spread out and crowded. Don't think there is a building over two stories.

    Beautiful sunrise photos and I think everyone is including at least one moon shot tonight, including me.

    Enjoy your time in Yuma. Might want to check out the Humane Society. Maybe they have another Yuma waiting for you.😊

    1. Yep sunrise, sunset and moon is awesome! One day maybe as far as our own Yuma, but we're going to wait until we're not traveling as much. For now, we'll enjoy everyone else's pups!

  3. Sounds like a good day. Tom and I have the same problem, as far as leaving early, not sure what takes so long either...:)
    Thank you for the picture, I was worried she had lost the gold chair...lol Seriously, I cannot believe she empties that van each time she parks.
    It was a beautiful sunrise.
    Brunch looks delicious and a Mimosa a really nice addition.

    1. She was sitting in the chair when we went by this am. Brunch was good and of course the mimosa was awesome!

  4. I think we all like to leave early but early is a matter of opinion, to some folks noon is early.
    That is some pile of stuff your neighbour has out there.
    Great pictures, brunch looked great too.
    We've never been to Yuma but heading that way a bit later in the month of February I think.

    1. Same neighbor from Q..only she was by the happy hour gang. We drove by and I can't believe all the stuff she has left inside after all that is outside! To each their own I guess. Really would like to know her story.

  5. What a wonderful breakfast! My thoughts are different. Everything in it is healthy, the sausage, the eggs, cheese......all good fat stuff. :) There ya go!
    Beautiful sunrise, EH? Nothing like desert sunrises and sunsets.

    1. I like your way of thinking..unfortunately my dr doesn't agree w you. I finally got my cholesterol down and it's by mainly the rabbit diet etc. but you gotta do it every once in awhile. So no guilt here. :) and i figure the mimosa, really helped with everything :)) Never tire of the sunrises and sunsets!

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