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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Adam's here for a few days! Dinner at the neighbors..

Yesterday (Saturday) was our daughter in law, Cheryl's birthday.  She spent it at work..darn. 
Happy Birthday Cheryl!! (on the left)...

I spent the first part of the day making some banana bread and apple muffins just because we've gotten in the habit of having one or the other with our coffee in the mornings.  I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies too..not for us but because our oldest grandson, Adam had called the other day and said he wanted to drive over and spend a couple of days with us. He left home about 1200 yesterday so we expected him around 1530.  

Ken spent the morning loading the Tundra with necessities for the trip.  He got propane filled  so we're stocked up.  I went through the cabinets in the Jayco and filtered out things we don't need and rearranged stuff.  Don't know why because i know in a few days it'll be messy again..Oh well, at least we start out organized. 

Our neighbors John and Karen had invited us over there for an early dinner yesterday so we headed over just about 1500.  We sat out back with a roaring fire in the fire pit and talked for quite awhile.  John started the bar b q and we saw Adam pull in at our house.  I had made him a sandwich before I left because we all know boys are always hungry!  A little while later he walked through the gate at John and Karens.  Always nice to see any of the grandkids, but this was nice because between working and going to school we don't get to see him often enough.  

We all visited for awhile and then dinner was served.  Awesome, steaks (which I can't tell you the last time we've had a steak) some delicious potato salad and beans.  YUM.  Then back out to the fire for a bit and we came home about 2000.  Not too long we were all for bed!  

Awake at 0400 thinking of things I should be doing but not wanting to stir from the nice warm bed.  Got coffee going and about 0545 woke up sleeping beauty next to me and we got the day started.  Even though we're looking pretty good, the day will go too quickly I'm sure!  

I've got clothes and refrigerator items to get in the trailer and a run to Scolari's and the bank later.  That should do it!  Took all day for my stuff and Ken's stuff...but we're ready to go! Adam had a nice relaxing day here..glad he came over.  We plan on about 230 miles tomorrow and spending the night in Beatty, CA. 

Our middle son Eric took an impromptu trip to southern California to buy a truck.  He sold his a week or two ago, made some $$ and found this one.  He ended up flying down, buying it and driving it home.  Now no truck payment which is what they wanted.  Stole these from Facebook...

2003 Chevy Silverado..

My sister, Linda posted these on Facebook so I had to steal them.  Pics of us as kids and cousins at our grandparents home in Arkansas...such wonderful memories.  

Bottom left, my sister Linda, Me and sister Wendy.
Top left, cousin Mary Ann, Jeanie and Susie

Left, Me (don't ya love the hair cuts?!)..Daddy, Wendy
Grandpa and Grandma Phillips..:)

Grandma and Grandpa Phillips in their little house,
Clarksville, Arkansas..

My Aunt Elma holding Wendy and my mom holding me..:) 

Russell, Lori and boys were in Oakland, CA all weekend for Aaron and basketball.  On the way home today they stopped at a couple of breweries so I stole these pictures too..

Russell and Lori at Shadow Puppet Brewing in Livermore, CA 

Love that they are so patriotic and support law enforcement and

Looks like a great place to visit..

Have a great night! 


  1. What a nice way to spend the weekend. Especially having your grandson come for a visit and what sounds like a delicious dinner with friends. Then, of course, getting your home on wheels ready to roll. There is something about starting out organized that makes me feel good.
    Safe travels.

    1. Thanks Tom and Deb! Heading out in a few hours after making Adam his requested pancakes (love it)..:) See you guys soon!

  2. You had a nice last weekend in Nevada with family and friends. Getting dinner cooked for you was bonus!
    I love the old pictures and chuckle also at the hair cuts. You can tell our parents cut our hair and what is with the short short bangs? I guess that meant fewer cuts in their busy lives. :)
    Looking forward to meeting you, travel safe!!

    1. For some reason when we were young my daddy thought the pixie cuts were cute..uhhh..about 6th grade we got to decide they weren't..haha..my mom used to make all our clothes so I remember those tops were a bright green with black/gold braid..what I wouldn't give to have them now..Yes can't wait to meet you all!!

  3. You have been busy. Love the old pictures of your family. The picture of your grandma and grandpa, and I say this lovingly, reminds me of an old movie or TV show called Ma & Pa Kettle, ring any bells with you.

    1. Yes I remember Ma and Pa Kettle they were so cute..you know I always remember my grandma and grandpa as old...they worked hard back in the ozark trying to feed 7 kids..not until they moved to Clarksville did they ever relax..but I hope my grandkids don't remember me that way..hahahah..

  4. Looks like you two are on your way.

    Your son must have long legs to get in that truck. It would get over the big rocks down here in Arizona pretty easily.

    So, you're an Arkansas girl. My wife, Dolly Jo is from Fort Smith.

    1. Doug I am an Arkansas girl in my heart..as my sisters..daddy was from FT Douglass back in the Ozarks until later his mom and dad moved to Clarksville, about 60 miles from Ft Smith..we spent every summer there as kids with our cousins..and Ken and I have been through there several times on our travels. I LOVE Arkansas...my kids and grandkids are all Razorback fans..If I had a 2nd life that's where I would live..:00 I love Dolly's name..:)

  5. What a fun time , all packed and ready to go travel safe !

  6. hi just seeing if this works lol safe travels sis

    1. don't know how to add my name whats a URL ?