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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ken's surgery went well!

I love how the lights turned out and the addition of the
Christmas tree...

Our wood stove is working full time..

Woke up to a chilly 9 degrees!  We headed out yesterday morning about 0800.  Quick stop by the dentist's office to drop a check and then by the post office to drop a check in the mail..$$ going out before we even get to the hospital.  
If it's gonna be cold it's gotta be pretty..right?

I love these little snowflakes of ice..

Our NV roads ..love the traffic

Quick stop at Walmart in Gardnerville and then over to Carson Valley Medical Center to check in which was done quickly.  They called him back and I went along too.  The nurse, Jill was absolutely adorable.  She was so pleasant and easy to talk with.  She's from Oakland, CA of all places, was very unhappy at the hospital there to the point that after 10 years was questioning if she wanted to be a nurse any longer.  Her mom and dad moved to Gardnerville, and after visiting her parents a few times, she and her family which includes a hubby, an 8 year old and a 2year old made the move.  She's never been happier working at this hospital.  Glad her story had a happy ending as it would have been a shame for her not to have been there. She told us a few stories and we told her some.  Eventually Dr. Denmar came in and said it will be done shortly.  After about a half hour more, he complained and all of a sudden the operating staff showed up!  A quick kiss and off Ken went. 

I went out to the car and had my salad I had brought for lunch.  Then back inside to wait.  About an hour and a half later, Dr. Denmar found me in the waiting area and said everything had gone well.  Even gave me pictures of what he did...hahah..Gotta say he did an excellent job.  

A few minutes later I went back to recovery and Ken was awake, but in lalalah land.  After about half an hour we went to his room.  After about a million questions by the nurse he was left alone for a bit.  We chatted and he was complaining about his eye hurting.  He said it felt like there was a bunch of glass in there.  They had told him he could expect some dry eyes and dry throat.  I left him for a bit to check in to the hotel and deposit some Christmas presents in the room.  
My room for the night (or two)..

When i got back he said he hadn't seen anyone yet and his eye was still hurting. The nurse came in and irrigated his eye, which hurt really bad.  Then she ordered some goop to put in it.  That seemed to help, but then his eye was really blurry.  His incision pain was hurting too at this point (they were able to do this laparoscopically) so there were just a few little incisions, amazing!  

They gave him pain pills and hopefully he started the 4 hour regimen.  I left a little before 1830 after he had his "dinner" (liquid diet)...First time in over 45 years that Ken had tomato soup..hahah..

Talked with him later and the pain was better and he was hoping for a good night's sleep.  He had gotten up to go to the bathroom, but was dizzy.  To be expected I guess.  They won't let him up by himself.  

It's 0640 and I haven't heard from him yet, so hoping he had a good night.  I'm going to get ready and run over there.  Haven't decided if i'm staying another night or going home.  We'll see what they have to say about him and decide then.  
It's 16 degrees here and 9 degrees at home this am.  Hope you all have a great day.  Thanks for all the good wishes for Ken. We are blessed!  

Our quirky little tree..

The trailer was filled with tumbleweeds which burned in about
5 minutes.  It'll be awhile before he can do this again..


  1. Wonderful that all went well, hope he recovers quickly and be good to go once again.

  2. Glad all went well and hope Ken recovers quickly.

  3. Great news! Yay! Please tell Ken we are thinking of him. We know he'll be up and moving very soon.