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Monday, December 11, 2017

December is just flying! A night in the bunkhouse!

We've pretty much just been here at home since we got home Wednesday.  I've made a few trips to the grocery in town but that's it.  Ken's recovering nicely, but more pain than the last surgery a few months ago.  Of course this repair is in a totally different area since they went in through the abdominal wall rather than the groin area.  He's trying not to take much pain medication but every once in awhile he's just got to.  That's what the dr gave it to him for, but he hates taking the stuff.  
A beautiful TN sunset from a few days ago..:)

I've done a lot of wrapping for Christmas and am pretty much caught up.  Just waiting for a few more things to be delivered and maybe a little more shopping. I've got a few things to pick up in Gardnerville, but figure the Dr's office will call with a follow up appointment for Ken so I can do it then.  
Russell and Lori were at a party..his friends
Sara and Jenn...:)

Lori with Sara and Antoine..

We normally head over to CA for Wreaths Across America at the National Cemetery in Dixon where my mom and daddy are buried.  That's this Saturday December 16th. We have motel reservations, but I'm thinking we probably won't make it.  It involves a couple of hours of standing out in the cold, and just don't see Ken being up to it.  Especial  a four hour + drive to Dixon, would be really uncomfortable for him. 

Planning on heading over sometime to deliver the Christmas gifts before Christmas so everybody has their presents for Christmas morning.  We'll head over on the 24th to spend the night and probably come home on the 26th.  

Saturday night we watched the movie Prancer.  My sisters and I and some of my boys saw it many years ago, still one of my favorites..of course starring Sam Elliott how could it not be? Right Ladies?! 

I asked Ken yesterday morning what he wanted for dinner.  He surprised me by saying homemade pizza.  Oh and let's spend the night in the bunkhouse.  OK...I ran to the grocery and picked up whatever we didn't have and later in the afternoon we made delicious pizza.  He had Italian sausage, olives and mushrooms and I had salami and mushroom loaded with cheese of course.  YUMMY!  Once we  had it made, we headed to the bunkhouse to get a start on The Polar Express.  Around 1900 I preheated the oven and then got the pizza in.  Once it was done cooking, we took it out to the bunkhouse, turned on the movie and finished up the night.  
Lighting wasn't too good..but our pizza..

The view out the bunkhouse window..

The outhouse came in handy..we have a little heater going..
so things don't freeze..

Last night we noticed a far off neighbor had a tree all lit up..

This is without bringing it in a bit..

Crawled in under the covers and had a very comfortable night. The outhouse a few steps away came in handy too.  We figured we'd do this and then discover what we need to keep out here for guests.  Got a little list going. 
My hubby all tucked in..

This morning we had our coffees, apple oatmeal muffin and did our normal blogging with friends.  Had our Mr Heater going and it's very comfortable.  Gonna have to do it again.  

Well, it's Monday and not much going on.  Going to enjoy this leisurely day with our cold temps..waking up to 8 degrees this am! But nice and toasty in here.  Have a wonderful day!!
My view from the bunkhouse this am..

Notice the frost on the ground..8 degrees! 


  1. Hope Ken gets recovering sooner than later but it will take time. The pizza looks excellent and checking out the bunkhouse sounds like a nice get away too.

    1. It was fun..and to only have to go out in the back yard to get there..even better.

  2. I'm sure Ken hates the slow pace but what a great idea eating, sleeping and watching a movie in the bunkhouse! It looks so cozy! We wish him all the best in his recovery too.
    Pizza looks wonderful!!

  3. Thanks so much Patsy! It was nice and cozy..we'll have to do it again before the decorations come down.