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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A very windy night and then SNOW!! :)

Before we left this morning, Ken caught this beautiful sunrise

A couple of hours later this is what we returned home to! 

I woke up about 0200 to the sounds of howling winds! And I do mean howling! Dozed back to sleep and then at 0300 I was awake for good...hate it when that happens.  So I laid there listening to the winds trying to take the roof off the porch cover out the back door.  You could hear the metal and all kinds of noises.  Luckily everything was ok!  Ken woke up about 0400, he knew I was awake and he was awake too.  A few minutes later he got up and turned the coffee on.  
My sister, Linda (Ninny) was going out the other night and sent
me this pic..she looked so cute and she finally agreed to let me
post it here! :)

We did our usual coffee, computing and visiting with other bloggers.  I checked into Facebook to see if anything exciting happened over night too.  Time for showers and getting ready.  We knew we were meeting our neighbor, Joe at Dini's for breakfast at 0815.  I was able to get a little cleaning done before we left. As we were enjoying our breakfast we looked out the window and it's snowing!! Yay! ( I know Patsy wouldn't have the same feeling)..haha..it was beautiful!  Only lasted an hour or so, and then it stopped.  News said it would be quick and it was!  Oh so pretty though.  We left Dini's and took the long way home, just to enjoy it.  

A couple of hours later...snow!

The road to our house...

When we got home..just an inch or two, but so beautiful!

Once we got back home, I got to cleaning the house and clearing out the wrapping stuff I've had on the dining room table for weeks now.  Funny, when it's just Ken and me we eat in the living room on tray tables.  Very rarely do we sit down to the dining table, other than when we have company or grandkids.  

Love the snow on the tree of the bunkhouse..

Ken's been working out in his garage for most of the afternoon.  He changed the oil in my blue Patriot and got a few things done.  

Once I finished cleaning, I sat down to look for some new appetizers to take to my sister's on Christmas.  I'm making a turkey, stuffing, macaroni salad, sausage balls and thought i'd take something else.  Ken said "Why don't you just take salami and cheese?" Everyone likes that, so I'm thinking that's probably what i'll do.  Can't believe it'll be here in just a few days.  
Grandson Aaron received the MVP award for his
middle school basketball team! Way to go Aaron :)

We've got leftovers for dinner tonight so that makes it easy!  Tomorrow we're heading for Walmart in Gardnerville to do some grocery shopping and then by Raley's for a prescription pick up for Ken.  We're usually pretty in sync with our drugs but somehow we've gotten out of whack.  Oh well.. Hopefully we'll finish any last minute shopping we need (or I think we need) until after Christmas.  

Have a great evening.  


  1. I really like the snow pictures and the flag picture. That 0200 wake up is way too early. Winter solstice is tonight, longest night of the year.

    1. The flag picture turned out so pretty with the colors. Your brother did good along with God :) Forgot about winter solstice..and I agree 0200 is too early..probably why I was dragging yesterday afternoon..

  2. Your first picture is beautiful with the pinkish clouds. I agree snow is beautiful. I especially love the white fluffy snow that when it covers everything and clings to the trees makes the world look soft and quiet. I loved taking walks at night when the big flakes would be quietly coming down and twinkled in the street lights. Now days I want to look at pictures of it from afar...:)
    Good looking Grandson and congratulations to him for receiving MVP.

  3. Thank you...I love your description of the snow flakes :)

  4. Okay okay, I must agree that snow is very pretty. It is so clean and I, too, loved walking at night in the big flakes the way Deb described them. I don't like the driving in it part or the shoveling or the winds. If it meant having snow without the cold, I could handle it. So, not such a Grinch about snow after all, right? teehee