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Sunday, December 24, 2017

The week has flown and now we're headed to CA for Christmas!

Thursday morning we headed for Gardnerville and did a run through Walmart. Then some gas and pills.  Stopped at the chocolate shoppe next to Raleys so I could pick up a few goodies.  You think See's candies are good, well these are the best chocolates ever!  You walk in that shope and gain 5 pounds just looking at the chocolates! 

We made quick stop at Tractor Supply, but nothing jumped at us so off to Carson Valley Inn for an earlier lunch than normal.  Now we know why we wait until 1300 to eat there.  The place was hopping and we had to wait probably only 5 minutes or so but at 1300 there's no waiting. 
Wilson Canyon..

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A little dusting..this day was so cold and the mountains
sure made it look that way..no sun all day.

After a delicious lunch we headed home. We went next door and delivered a couple of Christmas presents to them before Joe headed off to work in Winnemucca.  

Friday and Saturday were spent cooking and cleaning the kitchen.  I swear I'd cook something, clean and do it all again.  I always tell Ken, give me 10 inches and i'll mess up all 10 inches, give me 10 feet i'll mess up all 10 feet. Between the two days I got a delicious ham and cheddar macaroni salad, turkey, stuffing, gravy, summer sausage, cheese, sausage cheddar balls and a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning at Bryan's house done. Then yesterday afternoon Ken asked me to bake something for our other neighbors on the other side. So that was how yesterday ended.  
Sausage cheddar balls..(even though they're not really round)

Turkey cooked low and slow, breast side down..

Stuffing that was in the turkey..yummm

Brownies for next door

Breakfast casserole for Bryan's house..made some
country gravy to go with it :)

Cookies for next door..

Last night we ran over there to deliver and ended up sitting by the fire at their house for awhile.  Home, bed and now I'm gonna get my sweetie up to get this day going and head over the hill.  

We've got reservations in Auburn, CA tonight and then in the am we'll run over to Bryan's in Georgetown for gift opening.  We'll probably stop by Eric's house in Cool to check out what Santa brought.  Then to my sister's in Fair Oaks where most of the family will end up for some good food and family time.  Later in the day we'll head for Ken's moms house and then to the hotel in Rocklin, CA.  

We'll head home Tuesday morning and it  looks like i'll be going back over the hill on Wednesday to pick up 2 of our grandsons.  Mason and Aaron both want to come over until January 3rd!  One happy grandma (and Papa) here.

Have a great day and a wonderful Christmas EVE!  


  1. My oh my! You sure cooked up a mess of food. Too funny about making the messes. It should be "I bake, you clean up!" ha ha
    Is it my eyes or have those brownies been sampled? Hmm, Ken's fingers get in the pan?
    You have a lot going on and it all sounds terrific! Enjoy your time with family. That is hustle bustle that I miss but at least we'll chat with our kids and grandkids on Facetime tomorrow to see their shining excited smiles!

    1. Ken would be the first to say don't cook..I hate to think what the grandkids would eat, if he was the one to feed them..open a can! My oven tends to cook the edges more than the rest..Ken is not a sweet eater..so they don't even tempt him..wish I could say the same for me. We always enjoy the time with family, but goes too quickly. Looking forward to the two grandsons coming to visit..then we can concentrate on Ken's appointment to set him free and getting on the road. Enjoy talking with the kids..technology is nice that way!

  2. Oh my you sure have been busy, and the Holidays will keep you hopping. Si nice to spend time with family when you can.
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Definitely looking forward to the next couple of days and seeing family. It doesn't happen enough now a days. Looking forward to the down time middle of the month and heading south. Merry Christmas to you and Suzie!

  3. You certainly have been one busy lady baking and cooking, what looks like, delicious food. You have some lucky neighbors and family. Safe travels the next couple of days. How great to be able to spend Christmas with family. Then to be able to have your grandchildren to close out the year pretty nice. Merry Christmas!

    1. Aww. thank you. We are looking forward to the next few days and the fact the boys will be over. Gotta take em when we can. There are five grandsons, the oldest is working and going to college..the next two are 16 and one has a girlfriend, the other is Basketball full time. So very happy to get the youngest two! I do like to cook, but when it's only two of us, it's not as exciting as the holidays do bring out the bad in us..haha. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. All that food looks delicious, I'm the one with the sweet tooth in this household.
    Merry Christmas to you both, safe travels.

    1. Thanks Bill, once I make it i'm not too tempted to eat it..until later :) That's why I like to give it away!