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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A new Driver's License and my Birthday

Yesterday morning, after pushing it to the limit I headed to town and our local DMV office.  Walked right in, and got the form to fill out to get a new driver's license.  Turns out every 8 years they want to see you in person and take a new picture.  Paid my $23.25 for 7 years and off I went.  Made a stop at Scolari's and go a few things.  Home I went for the rest of the day.  

We were really bad and had homemade pizza again last night. Oh it was so good once again.  Joe and Rylee came over and  visited a bit. His wife, Stacey was in the hospital in Carson City she had her gall bladder removed, so he and Rylee were kinda just hanging out.  She ended up having some issues but as of today it appears all is good. 

Well, today December 13th I woke up a year older than yesterday! How did that happen?!  I turned 62 but have to admit I sure don't feel like 62.  When you're a kid that's ancient, but not anymore!  Ken offered to take me to breakfast, lunch or dinner or all of them but I decided I wanted to continue being bad and I wanted enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner.  Now normally we do chicken or I have veggie but we're going whole hog/ or cow as it may be and having hamburger enchiladas! So, other than a quick trip to Scolari's I spent a lot of the day in the kitchen and I have to say they look awesome.  
I was about 14 or so in this picture..Christmas morning
on the phone with Ken..

Christmas morning in Germany..I was probably 4 years old..
A happy little girl!

Had some nice greetings on FB and kids have called..Paul and KC who Ken used to work with called me this am..so I'm a happy camper.  

Tomorrow we're going to head for Reno, Ken's first outing since the surgery.  He bought a gun and holster online, so Cabela's we will visit.  I've got a few things to pick up at a couple of stores and hopefully that will finish the Christmas shopping.  
Russell posted this picture on FB.. about 2011
Dixon Cemetery where my mom and daddy are
buried..Wreaths Across America..Jacob left, Ken, Lori,
Russell, me and Aaron..how these kids have grown!

Owen and Santa..:)
My Nephew Dusty, Chelsea, Owen and Tank..

Life is good and I am blessed.  Hoping for another 30 years or so of the same. 

By the way the news said tonight that Yerington got down to 1 or 2 degrees this morning I knew it was cold!! 

Have a good night! 


  1. Well Happy Birthday , sounds iike a pretty nice one to me amazing how the years just slip on by, and really don't feel old? How did this happen?

  2. Happy Birthday. I bet the good ol beef tasted good. Nothing like perfectly cooked beef. Looking forward to seeing you both in a few months.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! You will never catch me but I'm like you and no way does this feel like 63! Hope it was happy. I have to comment on your first picture of you at 14. You had a forever boyfriend sooo young, good for you.
    I love the picture because: memories of my own teen years. The foldout decoration bell on the wall. The sewing chest in the box, the dart board, the way we hung Christmas cards and the chesterfield style. Love it! Thanks for sharing that. Your 4 yr. old pix is adorable.
    Cheap license! We renew ours every 5 yrs and it is around $80!