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Monday, August 24, 2015

We're back...

Left here Wednesday morning and got to LaMoille Canyon late afternoon.  We decided to take the 97 Ford since it was just the two of us and diesel is about 50 cents a gallon cheaper than gas right now. Elko is about 300 miles from here and LaMoille Canyon another 20 or so.  We found a spot for 2 nights and got set up.  Took a walk around the campground and checked out all the people that were there.  Amazing for a Wednesday evening how full the sites were. So we just sat back and enjoyed the evening and really enjoyed the cool nights!  We actually had to have blankets and in the morning we turned the heater on. Love it!
Getting ready to hit the road

Lake LaMoille 9760 foot

A little lake along the trail

Thursday morning after breakfast we decided to go to the end of the road and do the Lake LaMoille hike...and a hike it was!  The kids did this hike when we were there in July.  So we started at 8800 foot and ended at the lake at 9760 foot!  Definitely uphill all the way!  The hike wasn't hard, and they had a good trail but the air is pretty thin so we were stopping to take deep breaths..but all was good! On the way up the scenery was breathtaking!  There was alot of smoke in the air from the fires..seemed like all of Idaho and Ca was on fire at the same time.  It took us about 2 1/2 hours to do the whole up and down hike..not too shabby for us old folks.  The trail goes on up to a few more lakes but that was enough for us.  There is another one we'd like to do..it's called the Island Lake trail.  It's two miles, same as the other, but another way. We'll probably stop there in September so hopefully we'll get to do it then.  Ended up having a late lunch at camp and then just enjoyed the rest of the day. 

Another little lake..

Such a beautiful area..well worth the hike!


Part of the trail..a few logs and roots

Site 3 our first campsite

Our view from the campsite

Just gorgeous..so much prettier without the smoke

Ken enjoying a well deserved beer or two

The meat bee catcher...it works..

Friday morning we got up and had to move as the site was reserved for Friday night.  We were able to find another site, but wouldn't stay there again, as the meat bees were terrible there, weird how just a different area of the campground was so different.  Funny thing we noticed in the first camp, the day we got there after Ken unhooked the trailer I noticed a "penny from heaven" and picked it up.  Then when I was putting the camp slip on the post, I noticed the next people who were coming in were named Phillips..my maiden name..just one of those things..

Yesterday morning we headed home and arrived here around 1500.  Everything safe and sound and hot!  Took it easy and enjoyed being home. 

Today we decided to go look at the shed that Ken wants for the quads and Jeep.  He called the guy and right now we're just waiting for him to show up with the new shed.  

Well, I'll post pictures when I can figure this damn thing out!!  I really don't like Microsoft anymore!! uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

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