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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kids all gone! This is post 500!!

Monday morning we left here about 0745 or so and headed over the hill to drop off Seth and Mason.  Mason was attending a swimming party so we got them home to do just that.  We left there around 1200 or so and debated whether to head up the hill a bit and visit with Bryan and Cheryl but decided if we did that we'd be late getting home.  

Since it was lunchtime we decided to head for Edelweiss, our favorite restaurant in Old Town Auburn.  It's probably been a year or more since we'd been there, but Lina, the owner still remembered what we liked to eat.  Love places like that!  

After lunch had a nice drive up I80 to highway 267 and took a little drive around part of the lake (Tahoe that is) and headed on 50 to Carson City. Faxed a copy to Progressive to get a little money back on fixing of my window on the Patriot.  Then to Verizon to get the new MIFI.  Done..back home aobut 1800 or so.  

Now we're home for a few days, just cleaning up around here. 

Dau in law, Cheryl had been sick for awhile so Bryan took here to Kaiser.  Turns out she was very dehydrated and she gave us a scare there..but everything turned out ok.  She's back home, hopefully taking it easy for a few days..but it's hard to keep her down!  

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