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Monday, August 31, 2015

We're home until Wednesday...

Woke up Saturday am to a beautiful sunrise and headed for Rio Linda.  We got there and KC and Ken loaded the wood...there's lots of it!  Filled the 20 foot trailer and the back of the Ford.  

Our beautiful sunrise on Saturday from our driveway!

When they were finished we headed for Black Bear Diner and had a nice lunch. Then Ken and I left and headed for home.  Got back about 1800.  The Burners are on the move.  So it made for a interesting trip watching them all head for the Playa.  

Yesterday we were home all day except I ran to the grocery in town..my home away from home it seems.  Ken worked on wheel bearings on the Jayco and trailer.  Got those done, so today (Monday) will be unload the wood day.  

I'm making plans with my sisters and Diane.  Looks like the wekend of the 12th we will head to somewhere, probably Sonora and spend the night.  Seems I never see my sisters anymore except on special occasions so we decided to have a girls trip.  Looking forward to it! 

Got a couple of pics i'll upload later today.  

Just watched "Hot Crazy Matrix" on you tube...so funny!  Cheryl said Bryan had Adam watch it...worth 7 minutes! haha

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