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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A very moving good bye to our nephew Michael..and today we're back home in Yerington

Yesterday morning we took our time getting ready and arrived at the cemetary about 1030.  Alot of people were already there and a little after 1100 the service for Michael began.  The Army did an incredible job with the ceremony.  Captain Collins was a simple down to earth Chaplain and captured Michael and his spirit true to form.  His sisters, Chelsea and Tara also spoke and did it beautifully.  Michael, you are with some special angels in heaven and we all miss you here!  
The flag at half mast..Sacramento Valley National Cemetary..

After leaving the ceremony area we went and visited with mom and dad for a few minutes.  

Russells family, Bryan, Eric and Christina

Dave, Ken and Emmy near mom and dad

Our 3 incredible sons! We don't get them all together very often

We headed to Bryan's house in Georgetown for the night and had a good visit there.  Cheryl made some awesome homemade clam chowder (I don't eat it but enough people raved).  

Adam worked his first few hours at the hotel yesterday doing some weedeating and painting.  Today we woke up to rain, so he won't be working, maybe tomorrow.  

Was able to make plane reservations this am..going Southwest it was at least $200.00 cheaper round trip than any other airlines.  So that's done! Everything else is gravy!

Had a beautiful drive home up Highway 50 today...a little snow but just enough to make everything pretty! 
Highway 50

Coming into Mason Valley NV!

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