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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back At Site Awesome! Buckskin MTN State Park...

Internet was very spotty at La Paz...so this is catchup for a couple of days...

Friday we ran to Safeway in Parker to pick up a few things and didn't want to fight the crowd on Saturday.. Back to the hard life of camping along the river..a bike ride or two and then we decided to head to the Roadrunner for lunch.  WOW we got there about 1330 and was so suprised to see how crowded the place was!  Figured by then most people would have had lunch...guess not!  Spent a while there people watching and eating some awesome food!  Ok and a drink or two...then back to camp. 

Ken's burger and fries....

My veggie burger and fries...no I didn't eat all those fries..
had to take the bread off the burger...amazing...

Our view from #37..

Friday evening we decided to walk back down to the Roadrunner and see how the night life was...tons of people again..I wanted to take a picture but figured it would be rude but these old people can party hardy!  Us not so much, so after a couple of drinks back to the camper.  We knew we were setting the alarm (what!) so we could head to the swap meet in the campground next door and see what treasures were to be had.  
Sunset out the window of the Roadrunner

An actual younger group of people...

Saturday...7th...We got up and rode our bikes to the swap meet and walked around a while..got a few things..some old milk bottles and a few more goodies.  Got back to camp and by 1130 we were outta there..

A quick 4 or 5 mile drive (if that far) we are back at Site A here in Buckskin Mtn State Park.   Love this place..We'll be here till Wednesday and then we're heading another 30 or so miles to Lake Havasu State Park for 2 nights.  Going to see if we can get the Tundra serviced as it's almost time for its first 5000 mile service.  
Coming into Buckskin MT State Park

Isn't the water awesome!

Our view of the water ..beautiful in the am out the back window..

Thinking we may drive to Lake Havasu tomorrow just because.  Today it's just sit and enjoy this lovely weather (supposed to be 84 today)...

Cheryl called and said Adam got a package from the National Student Leadership Conference inviting him to represent Golden Sierra High...(of course they don't pay for it, but guess it's a big deal to be invited) Cheryl's doing some more checking, but thinking that would look awesome on his resume for college or even a Military Academy..so we'll see what happens with that..guess that 4.0+ grade point average helps out!  

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