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Saturday, February 14, 2015

2 great days at Lake Havasu and now homeward bound...Lake Mead Campground..

Thursday 13th...Took our time getting ready...a nice bicycle ride and then headed to town..looking for a US Bank that the internet said was there...NOT...closed about 2 years ago..so then we killed a little time till noon..and headed for Mudshark Brewery..wanted to try out their flight of beer and then we decided to have lunch there...awesome everything! 
Mudshark Brewery Lake Havasu AZ

The flight is gone!  $5.95 for 6 five ounce beers plus the one they
brewed that day!

I'm not much of a beer drinker, but the one on the left
White Belgian Ale..yummy!  The other Desert Magic Ken
really likes.

So it was about 1400 by the time we finished decided to head back to camp and just veg for the rest of the day..well until Ken said how about another bike ride..so off we went.  It was short only about a mile and a half or so..but some nice hills to get the ole heart a pumping...mine anyway!   
Gotta love the sunset!

This coming weekend is Rockabilly...happens every Presidents day weekend. So we were treated to some nice practice music on Thursday night...nice enough we might just reserve the same spot and come back next year!  

So after a nice evening and good nights sleep we were out of the park about 1100 yesterday.  A couple of hour drive through AZ and then into Nevada we are back at Boulder Beach where we were a couple of weeks ago.  Got our same site and it's only for one night, as we are both ready to get home and get back to work on the house project.  
AZ highway 93...

Highway 93..love the scenery...

Nearing Hoover Dam..

Saturday 14th...We woke up here at Boulder Beach, Ken's going to run into town for a couple of things and then on to Armagosa Valley Campground for tonight...we could make it home today, but why?  We'll have about 250 miles tomorrow.  Beautiful morning here, sun is shining, windows open!  
Our site at Boulder Beach...same one we had before..

Ken's growler ...Tun Tavern glass..and my gin and diet tonic..
way too strong...but yummy!

The last of the growler...

Happy Valentines Day!  

Just a side note...Cheryl was filling out the papers for Adam's trip to DC and called the school to get his class ranking...the kid is #4 of 94!  Not too shabby!

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