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Saturday, February 21, 2015

PIcked up the Tundra...home and today to Lowe's in Fernley...

Had a great breakfast at Boomtown Thursday am.  Then we headed to Cabela's  as Thursday they usually get their ammo in and we were looking for 22's...didn't happen.. but Ken did get some boots there that he's really happy with. 

Headed over to Carson Toyota after a few stops..Sam's and Ross.  I dropped Ken to pick up the truck and I went to Ross down the way and he met me over there and we traded vehicles.  I love the Tundra!  So there we separated and he headed to Walmart in Gardnerville and I did a little running around..Stopped in Gardnerville Raley's to pick up a prescription and did a little grocery shopping.  

Friday...we just hung around home.  Ken got up on the roof to see what he could do about tying the two roofs together better.  Amazing that a contractor did this stuff..and where they tie together leaks everytime we have a little rain. Leaks in the hallway and since we are redoing the hallway can't have that!  So he's got a plan..he pulled up some of the trim in the hallway and sanded the spackle on the walls.  He did some tree trimming outside too.  

We watched the movie Mask last night..we had seen it many, many years ago..but what a good movie!  So sad, had me crying all the way through. Great acting by all the major players, Cher, Sam Elliott (who is so hard on the eyes :) and Eric Stoltz!  So glad we just ordered it through ebay.  Thinking the grandkids will like it...

Today....Saturday...woke up just in time for two episodes of Pioneer Woman my favorite cooking show...and we're heading for Fernley this morning to pick up a little flooring and other stuff for the roof and hallway!  Yayy!!  Probably a lunch stop for Chinese food.  

Cheryl and Adam called last night..he's got his weekend full of work!  The neighbor across the street hired him for yard work and they're giving him $10.00 an hour and tomorrow he works again for the Librarian, and is meeting Cheryl's boss at the hotel in town for a little work there too.  Cheryl said he comes home and gives her the $$ for his DC trip..application and check has been mailed so just waiting to hear back that it's a go!  

Saw on FB that Russell is at a training today and he took Jacob with him..awesome that Jacob gets to see what his dad does! 

So we'll enjoy the weekend and then Tuesday head for Winnemucca..

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