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Monday, February 23, 2015

The hallway project has begun!

Saturday morning we headed for Lowe's and bought some stuff for the hallway project and the roof repair.  After we finished we headed for Lou's Bistro..chinese food.  It was very good..one of those places that was hit and miss on if it was worth going back for.  So we had decided a few months ago not to go anymore, but glad we decided to give it one more try.  It had sold and so much better food!  The hot and sour soup is incredible!  

Doesn't really look like hallway stuff huh?
But it is!

Ken sanding the spackle..dust everywhere by the time
he finished!

Sunday...We were home all day. Ken patched the floor in the hallway as we're putting the new floor over the old.  Where he patched was where the lino was pieced together and they had a seam in the floor.  There's still more near the bathroom where they had a washer and dryer originally and he removed the trim so that has to be glued down.  

Monday, today Ken got some wood up in the hallway and I love the way it looks!  We found with the wood we chose that it's definitely rustic so I painted some stripes down the hallway ceiling so when the wood is up you won't see bright white on the ceiling it should blend in. 
Our beautiful morning yesterday...

The ceiling "striping"....

My beautiful ceiling has started! Wish we could stay home
to work on it some more!

I worked this afternoon on "aging" some corrugated tin.  It's really shiny when u buy it and I want the old look.  Found on the internet that a solution of bleach and vinegar should do the trick.  It already looks better.  
The "aging" process has begun...

We head for Winnemucca tomorrow and come back Wednesday afternoon.  Then Thursday we'll leave for the Sacramento area for a few days.  We'll stay in Dixon on Thursday night, and Friday night at Bryan's house, home on Saturday.  Then I can get Ken back to work :)

Adam called yesterday and said he got his first job!  He will be working at the hotel where his mom Cheryl works.  They'll have him doing whatever needs doing, he was so excited.  Guess Cheryl's boss had told her he planned on paying him $8.00 an hour..so the boss asked Adam so what do you want..he told him that some of the other places he worked had given him $10.00 so the boss said ok, i'll pay you 9...that's what Cheryl makes at the hotel!  

Saw that Seth and Mason are going to be playing baseball this spring!  That'll keep their mom and dad extra busy!  

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