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Monday, February 9, 2015

A drive to Parker Dam on the CA side....

Got up and decided to go to Parker and find a laundromat...NOT!  Funny there's so many rv'ers here in this area and we found 1 laundromat in all of Parker..never in my life have I have seen so many people in a laundromat!  So we turned around and left...decided to go to Walmart and get a few items so we don't need a to do laundry for a few more days.   uhhhh...Safeway for some food...

Then we headed for Parker Dam, just crossed over the Colorado River and headed about 17 miles to see this dam.  Really nice ride, 2 lanes and amazing how many rentals and rv's are along this route.  
Vacation homes you can rent or buy...

Just along the road to the dam

Parker Dam is a small dam in comparison to others, but it is the deepest in the WORLD!   

Parker Dam

Returned back to the trailer, had a quick lunch and then sat outside just enjoying the view!  A nice RV walk this evening and then Ken bar b qued some awesome burgers for dinner!  One more day here and then to Lake Havasu for 2 days before heading home.  Decided against trying to get the Tundra serviced there as it appears they couldn't accomodate until Saturday...so nope, Carson City Toyota in the near future..

Sunset at the campground....

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