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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday to Grandson Mason!

Woke  up this am at Lake Mead..Boulder Beach Campground...we got ready and headed towards Boulder City Nv and the Coffee Cup Cafe...well that didn't happen as when we got there a line out the door told us they were way to busy for us!  

We walked down the road a piece and found the Southwest Diner...really cute and not so packed at the time!...Ken had the chile verde omlette which is what he was going to have at the other place...this was huge and awesome tasting..I had scrambled eggs w cheese and their "other potatoes" which were awesome!  Bell peppers and onions..yummm...we left there stuffed!  Hit the grocery store quickly and then took a drive over the Memorial Bridge and back..why no pics?!   The batteries died and we didn't have any with us ....:((....

So then back to camp...the skies were clearing so we had a great afternoon.  Took a nice walk and then at like 1634 the sun went down over the mountains...so a little later Ken made a nice fire and we just enjoyed the campground.   

Ken bar b qued awesome hamburgers for dinner!!  I don't eat meat very often anymore, but when I do a bar b qued hamburger hits the spot...and it was definitely worth being bad for !  

Now we're inside enjoying the trailer, and think we've decided to head for Cottonwood Cove tomorrow...not too far to go..but we figure why not...not in a hurry..only plans that we really have are on the 7th we need to be at Buckskin Mountain in AZ....

Happy 10th birthday to grandson #4 ....Mason!  Hard to believe our youngest grandsons are turning 10 this year...Aaron is next ...March 20th...seems like they were all babies not too long ago!  Mason is quite a character, strong personality, and very sweet!  He is the grandson that looks so much like my daddy when my daddy was young...such an incredible resemblance!  Love u Mason!! 
Mason on the left, Jacob, Aaron and Seth....

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