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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spent the day in Reno getting some things done...

Got up this am knowing we were heading for Reno today to take the computer to Mac a Rama, a store that was recommended by Best Buy to see if they could order a battery for the computer....Looks like they can so we paid our $138.00 and hopefully they'll have it in a couple of days.  

After that a quick trip to Best Buy and did some looking at some new lap tops...thinking here in a few months we'll invest in a new one and then this one will hopefully last a while longer.  No hurry but that's the plan.  

So because it was Tuesday  (Tightwad Tuesday)...a trip was in order for Great Basin Brewing.  

Good food and good drinks!  On Tuesdays, 1/2 off on the beer.  

After that we headed for Target for a couple of things and then Ken had to go by US Bank to get a little more of the banking fixed from the break in that happened Christmas.  Getting there!  

We were going to go by Lowe's and check out some of the interior ceiling coverings for the hallway.  The day went so quickly we just didn't feel like it..figure we're headed over to see Adam's game tomorrow so we'll probably stop on the way there and check it out.  Adam stayed home from school today (so if u know Adam u know he really didn't feel good)...but he's planning on going to school tomorrow...so we'll spend the night in Georgetown and come home on Thursday.  

Hoping to be able to leave next week for Parker Az.  

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