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Saturday, January 10, 2015

A day trip to Carson City and new sideboards for a trailer

Yesterday (9th) we decided to head for Gardnerville and Carson City...thought we would get a low profile toolbox for the back of the Tundra and visit Lowe's..we waited at home for the mail person and headed out after Ken got his new checks. We drove into Walmart and then decided we really didn't need anything from there (as it turns out we did...just our minds didn't remember)..then stopped by Ross in Carson City as I was looking for something for dau in law Cheryl...found it and off we went.. time was flying so off to our favorite Chinese place..then to Tractor Supply...we were looking for a tool box for the Tundra but not on sale...(and we don't buy unless it is)...so then we headed home.  

After getting home got on computer so I could book Grandma's 

 and my trip to NY in May...well that was quite a chore..she was paying in miles and I'm paying in $$...the website is definitely not user friendly so it took a few hours...but got it figured out and we are set!  Funny how 32,500 miles sounds like a lot..but..we ended with 37,500..oh well it's done and looking forward to the trip..

Today (10th)...made a quick trip to town to get a few groceries..because as we thought we didn't need anything from Walmart...we needed paper towels and toilet paper and a few other things..uhhhh...that done, I came home and made reservations for a car and Greenwood Lake during the time for Chelsea's graduation..I haven't made the one night near JFK but I will tomorrow..

Ken worked on making sideboards for the little trailer, so hopefully we can get some camp wood next week and then head for Pyramid Lake, NV for a few days camping!  

The little trailer (thank u Don)

Looks awesome with the sideboards!!

Little Rylee came over from next door selling girl scout cookies so had a nice visit with them..( and yes I bought cookies)...she is a cute little thing for 5  years old.  

Cooked salmon burgers and parmesan zuchinni fries for Ken for dinner tonight...he loved it!  He loves salmon burgers (thank u Don)..but they are iffy at Sam's club..but we found them the other day!! 

Ken's dinner...parmesan zuchini fries and salmon burgers on thin
bread...he loved it!

Tomorrow we may head for Fernley to get a few more pieces for the trailer...

Grandson Aaron's basketball team won 1st place in a tournament...wish I knew how to transfer that pic!  His smile is killer!! 

Adam's team did well last night..but they lost..Adam got 6 points..

Seth and Mason went back to BMX and both got 3rd place..they were racing against experts!! 

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